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    Need Some input please

    Beer Alchemy
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    Can I make a 1 liter starter in a 1 liter flask?

    I don't have a lot of experience with stirplates. I have a 5L starter going right now in a 5L flask. I havent had a issue with overflow. YMMV:mug:
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    Can I make a 1 liter starter in a 1 liter flask?

    What kind of beer are you making? OG? Ale or Lager?
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    Need Some input please

    +1. Columbus and Cascade go great together:mug:
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    Need Some input please

    I did a IIPA with 2 oz of columbus early in the boil. I ran your numbers in my brewing software and you are to style with a IPA. Go for it!:tank: Let us know what you decide. :ban:
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    Need Some input please

    What style are you going for?
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    1st beer tastes WAY too strong, need help

    I also made this recipe. Your gonna need to leave it for at least 4-5 weeks in the bottle. It was a little hot tasting first for me as well
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    Corona recipe clone scroll down to Mexican Cerveza. I haven't done this particular one but have had success with their other kits.
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    Forgot my bittering hops until late and low OG!

    Ran 5lbs dme and 2.5gal boil with 1oz willamette for 40min in my brewing software. I get 10IBU,s. and a BU:GU ratio of .27 So I think you should be fine. Might be a little on the sweet side but I don't think it will be cloying.
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    Strawberry Ginger Ale

    Sonds good. I may have to try this. And thanks for the recipe :) Did you ever try using BMBF? It works awesome for bottling beer from a keg. Maybe it would work with soda? Not sure cause of the higher carbonation of soda...
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    First brew gone wrong?

    Yea probably because of the lack of a boil. The boiling lets the hop oils become soluble in the wort. Probably didnt get enough bitterness from the hops. I dont know how to fix it. Maybe franks red hot?:D Was the fg close to the estimated fg from the recipe? -Nick
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2011?

    6 gal A-Z Brown Ale 6 gal Pilsner 6 gal Ipa 6 gal IIpa 4728.5+18= 4746.5
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2011?

    4718.5+10= 4728.5
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    2nd brew question

    Do you mean no head retention? I've never used, but lack of head retention can be caused by not waiting long enough for the beer to condition in the bottle. Dish soap residue on your glass can be a cause as well. -Nick
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    Six degrees in the garage...

    Look at the bright side no bugs:tank: lol.