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    Super immersion chiller

    A homemade wort chiller with lots of copper. Has a pan with hole cut in top for inserting the wort chiller. Spacers keep it spaced perfectly off the bottom of the keggle. Quick disconnects for ease of connection and moving the chiller. Modified mortar mixer for agitation of wort.
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    New Cloud Brewing Application Release

    Shortly after visiting this site my computer became infected with XP security 2011. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Ultimate RIMS box

    Don't have a brew stand yet.
  4. mysteryberto

    Ultimate RIMS box

    Pictures continued
  5. mysteryberto

    Ultimate RIMS box

    The last few weekends my dad and I have been building the ultimate RIMS toolbox. The first picture is the front of the toolbox. The Auber instruments controller is currently reading 150 degrees and working at getting to 155 degrees. There is a fan in front as well as the switch for...
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    My 6kW RIMS tube

    How do you drain the RIMS tube when you are done sparging? Is half a gallon left in the tube?
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    RIMS for Dummies

    The picture in the first post calls for a SYL-4342 which is a relay contactor. I see on the Auber product page that SYL-4352 is SSR control. Which one do I need to purchase? Does anyone use the ramp / soak model...
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    Why are Rogue bombers such a rip off??

    I've been to the Rogue Brewery in Newport and in the gift shop bombers were $4.75 if I remember correctly. Rogue and Stone six packs are around $10 here. I live in Oregon and most somewhat local beers Bridgeport,Widmer,Deschutes, Sierra Nevada are around $6.48 to $8 a six pack. Almost all the...
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    Boiler Sight Glass

    Used both pellet and leaf hops. Never a problem with a clog.
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    anyone use a "bazooka screen" in your brew kettle?

    I use a bazooka screen and it's nice. Don't think it's going to make your beer a lot clearer though. Biggest thing to improve that is cold crashing in a fermentation chamber. I use mainly leaf hops but if you're using pellet hops you can just scrape on the screen with a sanitized spoon while...
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    Willamette hop recipe

    Good in a fat tire clone.
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    Mash Paddle Giveaway

    Talking bout those mash paddles
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    Another vanilla bourbon porter question

    I've only used vanilla beans in this recipe but in my experience the vanilla faded instead of becoming stronger.
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    Hop Ice Cream

    Freshops sells a hop extract that isn't really bitter but has a lot of hop aroma and flavor. That or I would make a hop tea and use it. Have you thought about using malt extract in your ice cream to lend a more beer flavor?
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    The stupidest comment on your beer

    Since it's kind of a maibock maybe he associated the taste with bock beers from Germany? I'm fairly certain Isinglass has no taste.