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    Converting Robobrew Brewzilla 35L 110v to 220v?

    I'm curious about this too. Did you ever find any info? Thanks!
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    Sparging on the Grainfather

    I just got a Robobrew and did this on my first batch. Have you figured out the best way to get the temps right?
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    experiences with the Idylis 7 cu foot freezer

    Mine just got delivered and I will measure and post the dimensions tonight. It looks like it won't have any trouble holding 3 ball locks and my 10# tank.
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    The Brew Stand Incredible Giveaway

    Please please please... Love it!
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    National Homebrewer's Conference - HomeBrewTalk Giveaway - Open to All!

    Family reunion, but my father in law is a home brewer too, so it's pretty awesome.
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    5/8" Stainless Steel Washers

    How about one of these at Amazon? or I've got Prime and a gift card- looking for things I need.
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    Pressure relief on import kegs

    I just picked up one of these, an Anchor keg from _way_ back. I managed to relieve the pressure, but with all I've seen here, I'm not even going to try to get the spear out. I'm just going to cut the top off with it in. Thanks!
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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Count me in, too.
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    Pond Pump for IC

    Excellent point. My kids do cost more than a pump and they don't work past 8 o'clock.
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    Pond Pump for IC

    At $40 for a good submersible, I say just keep saving and get a March pump. Sure, it's another $100, but once you've got it, you're good to go. I use mine for pumping around a single-tier and recirculating ice water through a 25' IC. The first time I cooled with it, I was thrilled. My tap water...
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    look what I found

    Watch out for shipping. To Oakland, it shows $65. The seller is in Florida, so if you are close it could be a good deal.
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    Force carb

    I've used all three methods here and they all work. If my kegerator is empty, 30PSI and shake it. If the beer needs more time to mature, I leave it on 12PSI untouched for a week to 10 days. I like the 30PSI and leave it for a day and a half. It seems like a good compromise.
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    New B-Day March Pump Question

    I'm convinced! Cheap and functional goes a long way.
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    New B-Day March Pump Question

    I'm a little late on the thread, but curious. Those nylon fittings at USP ( say they're rated up to 200° F. Have you tried recirculating boiling wort through to sanitize? It seems odd to use fittings rated to 200° and...
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    Breweries that fill Corny kegs???

    Egad. Do you know the California state law that says the keg needs to be properly labeled? I mean, can I use my P-Touch to label my keg?