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  1. mxpx5678

    Hop Rocket

    Looking for a hop rocket.
  2. mxpx5678

    California In Search of Hop Rocket

    Looking to buy a used hop rocket.
  3. mxpx5678

    Duda Diesel - 30 Plate Chiller

    Just picked up one of the 30 plate versions today after using a friend's therminator. Got some camlocks coming to so hopefully I can use it on my next brew day this weekend.
  4. mxpx5678

    Stockton Ca.

    We have a club that meets In lathrop from time to time. I have a nice grain mill and am in lathrop. Let me know if you want to use it. Pm me and we can arrange it.
  5. mxpx5678

    What is This?

    Sorry misread it as you hadnt made a drinkable beer yet. That being said like the other poster said it will be something pale and carmely. Maybe lower the mash temp a bit and it will be a bit dryer in the finish.
  6. mxpx5678

    What is This?

    If you havent made a beer you could drink yet why are you throwing together recipes? I would recommend using established recipes to get your system dialed in so you can track down where issues are.
  7. mxpx5678

    Weldless brew stand.

    A friend cut them for me at his work.
  8. mxpx5678

    Simple March / Chugger Pump Swith Help

    Yeah I will probably just do something simple like that. I might even do a easy toolbox build. I want to add pid's eventually but for now I just want something that works.
  9. mxpx5678

    Any other recent/to be new Dads?

    I have a 2.5 year old Boy and we are having a girl any day now. Rushing like crazy to get my brew stand done so brewing will go smoother and quicker (hopefully).
  10. mxpx5678

    Simple March / Chugger Pump Swith Help

    I have a Chugger pump and it is hooked up to my brew stand I am building. I am not faced with the project of building some sort of switch to turn it on and off. What have people done before that is simple and useful? Most the projects I see are intense electric brewery builds. Would love...
  11. mxpx5678

    My Weldless Brew Stand

    The one in the last picture? It is a needle valve, specifically built for an application such as this. It allows for finer control than ball valves. Found them at Ace Hardware in the gas plumbing section.
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    Weldless brew stand.

    For mine? It might be, but I got mine at Mcmaster, I bought 12 five foot long sections and cut them to length as needed.
  13. mxpx5678

    My Weldless Brew Stand

    Well I got inspired by the great posts here and elsewhere on the internet and took the dive into making my own brew stand. I don't have a lot of experience with building things but figured I could handle a weldless stand. I bought 12 5 foot sections from McMaster and then a friend helped...
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    March pump wiring to switch/outlet

    Can someone link to the correct Switch somewhere online? Looking for one like in the first post of this thread. Thanks.
  15. mxpx5678

    Weldless brew stand.

    Here is my brew stand, I am very close to being done with it, just have to mount the pump and figure out some stuff with my kettles.