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    Hot yeast.

    So, I got my beer kit from AHS and it had speed over the weekend. The liquid yeast sat in hot warehouse all weekend. when I finally got it out of the box it had to be between 80-90°. I put it in the refrigerator right away. So, the obvious question is... Is my yeast going to be ok? Thank you
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    Stuck fermentation?

    Sorry for lacking on details. I did mash at 155°. If you fellas think that I'm good at the gravity I'm at then I will take your word got it. I do like malty beers do this could be a treat! Thanks for the quick help everyone!
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    Stuck fermentation?

    This was an all grain batch. I guess I was thinking it was too high for a final gravity reading. Still fairly new to brewing and I don't quite have all the science down. Do you think I'm good at 1.018 as a final gravity?
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    Stuck fermentation?

    Ok so here's the deal. I brewed up a batch of beer about two and a half weeks ago. Fermentation was going great, then it kinda came to a stand still. The beer was a christmas ale, I know I'm running behind! Starting gravity was 1.065, and it has stopped at 1.018. The yeast I used was Fermentis...
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    Alternative to Buckwheat honey?

    Ok so I have a recipe that calls for 3 lbs of buckwheat honey. 3lbs would be like 20 something bucks and I would like to try to do this recipe on a budget. Can I substitute 2 1/2 lbs of clover honey and 1/2 lbs of molasses? Thanks!
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    Question about charred oak cubes.

    I have some whiskey barrels that didn't pass an air test. They are charred on the inside. I was already planning on making a bourbon barrel porter before I got these. My question is, can I use them with the charring on the inside or should I just order oak cubes? They will be cut up, so I...
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    What's your occupation: Engineer or Non-Engineer

    UPS driver! I get everything I order before it has a chance to get delivered!
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    Shipping LME in 100+ temps

    You should be good being in the TX area, shipping couldn't take more than a day or two! And UPS is where its at. I refuse to use any other shipper!
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    Pumkin Beer Idea...

    I think that if I'm going through the trouble of making 3 gallons I might as well just make 5 gallons. I think that I am going to go ahead and do it. Thanks for the feed back!
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    Pumkin Beer Idea...

    So AHS has a Spiced Porter, I was thinking of turning that into a Pumkin Porter. Maybe adding 2-3 cans of pumkin to the mash, and possibly another spice packet from AHS. Would this work or would it wind up tasting awful!? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Me want!
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    New Bench Capper not working.

    Okay, so, when its stuck... Force it down some more? I'm not too scared of breaking a bottle, I'm more scared of losing 12 ounces of beer! Ill try it out tonight, if I can't get it to work ill just bust out the ol' Black Beauty Capper.
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    New Bench Capper not working.

    Pretty sure its right. I set everything dead center and pull down. Gets stuck everytime. The bell that comes with it is for standard size caps correct? There aren't smaller caps are there?!
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    New Bench Capper not working.

    So I got this deluxe Agata bench capper from AHS and everytime I pull the lever down the cap gets wedged in the bell. The bottle is capped but the bottle and cap stay in the bell. I'm sure its the right size bell for the caps and I don't think I am using it wrong. Any tips?
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    Five one gallon secondaries from five gallon primary

    How did you carb the batches? Was this a kit then you split the sugar in fifths? I'm not really sure how to calculate it otherwise. I would really like to try this.