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    M31 Tripel Mangrove Jack yeast reviewI know th

    Sorry to miss that, I'll revise post above, but 2nd batch OG was 1.084 with FG being 1.013/14.
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    M31 Tripel Mangrove Jack yeast reviewI know th

    Tasting notes revised above.
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    M31 Tripel Mangrove Jack yeast reviewI know th

    Attempt #2 I used the yeast cake to ferment an Imperial Stout, calling it Belgian Imperial Stout. Recipe: 11 lbs Thom. Faucett Golden Promise 1.5 lbs Steens brand cane syrup .75 lb Midnight Wheat .75 lb Blackswaen Chocolate (300 lovibond) .5 lb Red Wheat malt 1 oz 5aau Glacier Hops @ 60...
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    M31 Tripel Mangrove Jack yeast reviewI know th

    I know there are several threads related to this yeast but couldn't find one that's a straightforward review so I thought I'd fill the void. 1st pitch/first pitch was 1 dry pack into 5.5 gallons of 1.039 original gravity wort. 1st mini-mash I'd done in almost a decade, enjoyably easy! 20%...
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    Anyone have Rigor Mortis ABT recipe

    I have never had it so I'm not gonna embarrass myself by offering a recipe. That said I'd breakdown the beer quality and start there. For instance... Yeast - was it spicy, eatery, phenolic, etc and choose a yeast accordingly. Malt - clearly it's not super dark but do you detect roasted malt...
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    Biotransformation Hop Schedule?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the whole point in dry hopping during active fermentation is biotransformation. Otherwise you could follow traditional dry hopping techniques or keg hopping for intense hop aroma/flavor. To further clarify biotransformation is about activating properties of the...
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    Hillbilly HERMS

    Did this setup work to perform mash steps such as raising temps to a mash out temp?
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    Does my Wit really need this long mashing?

    I realize this is brewed, looks great btw, but wanted to add the protein rest is really important to this beer. With the wheat and oats consisting of more than 50% of the grist you can arrive at a sickly thick beer. Ask me how I know! That said my last Wit was the best wit I've tasted, surely...
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    First post, whirlpool blonde

    That should be a fun beer, heavily skewed toward hippiness. A 3 oz fry hop is fairly standard for an American pale ale or even an IPA of certain approaches. I've had great results with blonde ales even placing in the best of show round in a couple competitions with mine. I add an oz of tradition...
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    What to do with a Blonde (beer)

    WLP 550, 530, or 500 fermented at a high temp would make a great beer and you could add any number of interesting sugars from dk candy to date to table to molasses.
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    Old Rasputin Clone recipe

    Does my heart good to see people enjoying and praising the classics. OR is a great beer, GREAT! Glad it turned out well for you.
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    Special Roast in Dark mild recipe?

    I think 6 oz is perfect. I'm a big fan of victory and special roast in a number of beers. Special roast works great in milds and browns.
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    How to properly prepare for accurately tasting beer?

    I like to rinse with everclear between samples. Seriously the above suggestions are spot on. Any type of fairly neutral bread or cracker will be okay, avoid flavored varieties.
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    Help -- Bad Attenuation / Medicine Taste

    There is another possibility to consider per the medical taste, infection. It is possible for certain infections to result in this flavor profile. I'd add an under attenuated beer would seem to offer more of an opening for an infection if it had low yeast cell counts providing less biological...