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    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    The man cave!
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    Have Some Basic Questions About Brewing Kombucha

    I just recently got a new scoby and started a batch of kombucha. It's been a week and the tea smells and tastes delicious, however, it's not fizzy at all. I've read the cure for this is second fermenting in a bottle but I'm worried that the yeast cultures with the scoby are dormant or no...
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    My new Cube Mash Tun

    Just a follow up on my mash tun... I hit my strike water temp at 172 F And maintained my mast temp of 154 for the entire hour! ...It was a good brew day...
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    My new Cube Mash Tun

    The burners are blichmann and I got them from brew bros. My cart/dolly I had speed rack west cut to size. The cart itself is 24x60x24. I got all the precut steel and dolly for $60! I actually did all the upgrades to the mash tun before using it. I read a lot of mixed reviews on the temps...
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    My new Cube Mash Tun

    I love the poly QDs, I Got them from brew bros out near portland OR. The place has great pricing! If you want you can check out their web site...
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    My new Cube Mash Tun

    After reading several threads on the Igloo 50 quart cube cooler, here's is my solution! I used four layers of 16"x24' Reflectix around the outside of the cooler and used "great stuff" foam for insulating the lid. I will post how well the mash temp holds later this week!
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    Note from my first AG brewday

    what size is your mash tun? To much head space can cause the temp to drop. Filling the lid should help some, but placing a precut styrofoam sheet on top of the mash would be better.
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    What am I doing wrong?

    Munich Malt has a malty sweet flavor characteristic and adds a reddish amber color to the beer. It has enough diastatic power to convert tself, but needs help from another malt, such as 2-row malt, to convert other grains. Need to use 2-row to convert other grains in the grain bill.
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    Brew sculpture on CL (not mine)

    Here's a brew tree for sale in Portlsnd Oregon. Not mine.
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    Stout Tanks and Kettles - $400 14.5 Gal Conical

    That is a thing of beauty! I ordered a 20 gal mlt from john, will be here in january. I need to save my pennies for a conical now!
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    Stout Tanks and Kettles - $400 14.5 Gal Conical

    I've worked with john on ordeting a 20 gal brew pot. It did take a couple of calls to get a holds of him, but it's with it! He's very helpful and will make sure you get what you need. He's just very busy, but he'll get back to you. His turn around time is especially slow right now because the...
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    Basement Temp Doable?

    I ferment in my basement as well and have always had great results. The temp usually stays around 55-65 F. In the summer I make a lot of belgium ales. However, want to start lagering all year around so I'm in the process of looking for a chest freezer on cl.
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    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    Here's my single tier stand. made out of adjustable shelving 24"x24"x60" which sits on top of a dolly. A no weld design for less than $70.00! Propane tanks are stored on sub shelving on the right.
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