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    Vinyl tubing used for IC?

    Ive always used regular vinyl tubing w/o a single problem. Attach using a hose clamp. Since boiling water is dangerous, you should inspect the tubing for any splitting and ensure the clamp is on tight. Threaded tubing is likely a bit safer but IMO, if you inspect the connections before use...
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    Dry Ice?? in Wort Chiller

    Thirded. Most of the cooling will be carried away as a gas. Reusable ice blocks are more efficient.
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    Krausen in three hours!!!

    Kippis! Sounds like a great brew day. My best is when I racked onto a 7 day old primary slurry - 5g into a 6.5g carboy and I had krausen exiting the blowoff tube after 2 hrs.
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    What are the smallest capable beer bottles you've seen?

    Anchor Steams bigfoot comes in 6oz btls I believe.
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    Tried & True or New Ventures

    This is why I got into brewing. 95% of my brews I have never done before. The only brews I have repeated were an all pepper ale, sage IRA (India Red Ale) and a whiskey oak, chocolate, coffee, toasted marshmallow stout.
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    How do you save water on brew day???

    Lots of good recs here. I wont repeat whats mentioned so heres a new one: I save the IC water in a few buckets - the first I keep around for clean up, the next 3 go into my toilets empty water tank.
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    Subbing and orbital shaker for a stirplate?

    OS will work fine for aeration. As said, you really should use clamps above 100 RPM to ensure you dont throw your starter. Also, use a baffled flask as this will improve aeration tremendously.
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    Glass vs Better Bottle

    Ive used the same glass for 8 yrs. w/ no chips, cracks or breaks. A lot of that depends on how careful and to a lesser extent how strong you are. SS is best, but quite expensive. Glass is great - inert, no O2 issues and easy to clean. Plastic is good - plastic vessels will eventually have to...
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    Awesome glassware... question

    Similar to the Vitis, but w/ a more pronounced lip. What country was that pic taken in? That should help lead your search OP. Are you looking for the "look" or "performance" of the glassware?
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    bottling/capping with tiwst offs

    Twisties have thin glass at the tip. Even if they hold pressure fine, they will eventually break from capping pressure.
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    Best Sanitation Practices

    Overkill for sure. Relax...dont worry...have a homebrew.
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    San diego beer drinkers

    Pizza Port's Bottle Shop:
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    Summertime tips for wort chilling!

    I chill in my sink w/ a IC. Sink is filled w/ ice and a little bit of water. I place a power head in the sink to circulate the water. When the ice melts, I put in freeze packs. This means I am cooling from the inside (IC) and the outside. I chill from boiling to 80F in about 25 minutes using...
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    Never buy yeast again?

    Simply put: its Nature. All organisms (our own DNA included) evolve or mutate over time as more and more generations are created. Because yeast reproduce so rapidly, the mutation of the yeast can take as few as 5 or 6 batches of beer.
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    Never buy yeast again?

    They are called 1ml cryovials and are in a Revco box. I do store my yeast in glycerol and at -80C.