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    What are YOU reading?

    Just about to start on "The White Man Will Eat You." Finishing "The Serpent and the Rainbow."
  2. mullenite

    Gainesville, FL

    Was it you that sent me a text about the wort chiller? If you want the carboys I'd take $40 for both of them, the 3gal one is nice because it's round, not square like a better bottle. I sold the ball locks to Yambor44 but if you want the pinlocks you can take them both for $25. One is in great...
  3. mullenite

    Gainesville, FL

    I'm moving to Miami on July 9th and can't take my brewing stuff with me, if any of you guys want it let me know and I will let it go for cheap. I have 2 or 3 ball locks, 2 pin locks (one needs a new PRV), a 6.5g glass carboy, a 3g plastic carboy, 5g Coleman mash tun, 32qt aluminum kettle wrapped...
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    Gainesville, FL

    How long ago did you brew it? Temperature control in secondary is MUCH less important than temperature control while active fermentation is happening. Yeast should taste bready, star san would only show up in HUGE concentrations in the beer. When mixed with water it tastes slightly acidic and a...
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    Knotty Pine and Cedar Log Keezer Build

    That is awesome. My local breweries tasting room is done all in cypress and I wanted to do something like that with cedar and cypress but don't have the time or money.
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    Gainesville, FL

    Shoot me a PM next time you come up. I move back to Miami around the end of July so hopefully it's before then.
  7. mullenite

    Gainesville, FL

    You won't find Hunaphus in a store, but if you want to try it I have a bottle of the first release left that I'd be willing to share with someone.
  8. mullenite

    HBT Mobile

    I got one a couple days ago that matched the app visually to the iphone version and changed something else minor.
  9. mullenite

    Found Pepsi in Keg

    Older ones were filled with the same product that got bottled. Newer systems that still use kegs (they are around, despite the rumors you hear on here, I know of several in my area) are filled with syrup because most dispensers are designed for BIB systems now. The concept is identical though...
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    OFFICIAL Kate the Great Russian Imperial Stout Clone

    It's a thick beer so 1.040 doesn't seem too unlikely. Darklord finishes around there and the two are similar in body from what I remember.
  11. mullenite

    My so easy anyone can do it tower build.

    The pressure changes, the amount of gas does not.
  12. mullenite

    My so easy anyone can do it tower build.

    It's actually pV=nRT... Where p = pressure, V = volume of CO2, n = the mass (in grams) of co2 + 44, R = .082L*ATM/K, and T = temperature it K. Just semantics really, but worth clearing up in my opinion.
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    Gallery photos not viewable to non-supporting members?

    The person hosted the photos outside of the gallery so they are now working, I will try to find another example but I have seen it in threads before. Any photos that are hosted in the gallery and then linked to the forums aren't visible to non-supporting members, I am usually able to log out...
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    Gallery photos not viewable to non-supporting members?

    Check the show us your kegorator thread on the last page. None of the non premium members can see the photos.
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    Gallery photos not viewable to non-supporting members?

    Whenever someone posts photos hosted from the gallery non-supporting members can never see them, however, the photos are available to view by the general public... As in, I can log out and view the page with all the photos, but logged in they don't show. I'd like to see the photos but...