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    damson melomel

    nono. the recipe was for 1 gallon. i doubled it. so.. 8# honey, 8# fruit, et al. there is virtually no fruit in the secondary. i may try the puree next time, but those ice crystals do a damn fine job of rupturing those cell walls.. i guess the worst that can happen if i re-pitch, then i may...
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    damson melomel

    Batch Volume == 2 galons Yeast was Lalvin K1-v1116 Plums were frozen and then half thawed and pitted. just let the mascerated fruit float on top in primary. I haven't checked SG since moving from the plastic fermenter to the glass carboy. Can I just drop the hydrometer in the carboy and let it...
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    damson melomel

    Hello everyone. I have this little plum tree in my yard that went beyond this year. Shared what I had with friends and made jam & jelly. Another friend gave me 25 lbs of honey. SO we decided to make a plum melomel. I'm still kind of new to this. Made a couple plum wines over the past...