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  1. msppilot

    Kegerator built into bar

    Thanks for the pictures. I like your setup.
  2. msppilot

    Kegerator built into bar

    Thank you for the pictures. Looks like you have a nice setup. This is similar to what I have planned. Mine is an actual kegerator but my vision is to do something like this.
  3. msppilot

    Kegerator built into bar

    Do you happen to have any pictures I could take a look at?
  4. msppilot

    Kegerator built into bar

    Do you happen to have any pictures of it I could take a look at?
  5. msppilot

    Kegerator built into bar

    I am in the process of designing my basement which will include a bar. I want to put my kegerator under the bar with the beer tower mounted to the bar top. Does anyone have any advise on how I should mount the kegerator to the bar? Should I make plans to be able to take it out just in case I...
  6. msppilot

    Filling CO2 tank

    Hello everyone, I have always exchanged my CO2 tank but I am wondering if when filling a CO2 tank there is anything special that I need to look for? Does the gas have to be sterile? Is it 100% CO2 or a mix? Thanks for any advice.
  7. msppilot

    Wyeat 1007

    Looks like to may be starting to go. It's been almost 24 hours and there is no bubbles in the airlock yet but it looks a krausen has started to form. i removed the airlock and rigged up a blow off tube also just in case.
  8. msppilot

    Wyeat 1007

    Has anyone used wyeast 1007? I brewed a Sam Adams clone yesterday and placed it in primary in my basement. Currently the temperature in the area is about 53 degrees. Normally, I have seen some action in the airlock by now but I have never used this yeast before and I'm not sure how long it takes...
  9. msppilot

    Yeast Starter Question

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, I may have to delay my brew day by one day. I was going to brew tomorrow but I done know if that is going to happen anymore. My question is, I made a starter of 1056 yesterday and the pan was to cold crash it tonight. If I have to delay, should I hold of on...
  10. msppilot

    Hops differences

    Thanks for the advice...
  11. msppilot

    Hops differences

    I accidently bought the UK WGV Golding hop instead of the US Golding. Is it worth running back to the store to get the right hop or should I give it a try? I am brewing an Irish Red.
  12. msppilot

    Hops in dip tube

    I just keg-ed an IPA and am sucking a lot of hops into the dip tube. I know I have a lot of the hop sediment in the bottom of the keg and this may be an ongoing issue. Does anyone have a suggestions on how to reduce/eliminate this problem? I fear that this problem will persist with this...
  13. msppilot

    Wyeast 1187 Slow/Stuck Fermentation

    Does anyone have any experience with using Wyeast 1187? I brewed a porter on Friday (almost 48 hours ago) and I am still not seeing any signs of fermentation. I know it can take up to 72 hours but I have never not seen any sign after this long. Let me run down a quick recap. I bought a...
  14. msppilot

    Carbonation Issues

    I have been having carbonation issues with one of my last batches I put in the kegerator. I brewed a Red Lager extract kit from my local brew supply store. Everything during the brewing process went well. I have been experimenting with different forced carbonation methods and this time I put...
  15. msppilot

    Sticky Tap

    I have two of this style tap handle pictured here. The issue I am having is, the handle sticks the first time I use it for the day. I think what is happening is the beer is sitting in the handle, dries up, and which causes the handle to stick. I have taken them apart and cleaned them real...