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  1. MSKBeerfan

    Termination of Fermentation Early

    Thanks very much, I am an all grain brewer, Typically use Dry yeast - British Ale Yeast that I hydrate with wort, oxygenate and pitch. Will try it with this batch currently in fermentation and see what that does. I have had instances where the final SG is really low. I also have played...
  2. MSKBeerfan

    Termination of Fermentation Early

    How often (If at all or all the time) are you terminating fermentation prior to completion? I have had a number of brews where the Yeasties each so much of the sugar the final product is actually dry... While I love High ABV, but the goal is to achieve an equal balance of flavor, sweetness...
  3. MSKBeerfan

    Pre boil - Post Boil OG

    Thanks for the education... I think I have been doing this all wrong for years... I take a Post Boil reading after the wort has cooled below 75 degrees and use that as my "OG" then subtract that to my SG reading (post fermentation) subtract the two and divide by .00753 to get my ABV.
  4. MSKBeerfan

    Pre boil - Post Boil OG

    Just curious to see who is taking pre-boil SG readings along with Post-Boil SG readings (which I believe are OG Readings) and what the difference should be for boil off?
  5. MSKBeerfan

    Spike Brewing Giveaway - New CF10 Conical Fermenter!!

    Count me in Please Spike... Is this the one and same Spike that was building for Kal for a period of time? If so, I still have the control panel serial number 0001 that you built... may had been the very first build you did... thanks, Mike
  6. MSKBeerfan

    Poor post boil yeild need advice

    Thanks for the continued information on this: I use an All Grain Three Kettle Electric System - It's a clone of Kal's and is actually the first controller he produced commercially. My kettles are 20 Gallon capacity so i have plenty of space. John, the problem is I am not hitting my SF Gravity...
  7. MSKBeerfan

    Poor post boil yeild need advice

    Okay so need some advice before I attempt another brewing session. I have not yet checked on Beer Smith to see what adjustments may be needed. I calculated a 6 gallon batch on Beer Smith of a mildly hoppy IPA. Collected 8 gallons of Wort. My issue is rapid boiling... In the 55 minutes...
  8. MSKBeerfan

    Keg Beer Storage without refrigeration

    So I have what i think is a small problem and certainly can't be the first... I am providing beer for a friends wedding and will have about 6 Sixtels when I am done. I kegged two Sixtels of a bourbon stout that I make, carbonated it and left it sit in the corner of my basement. It's been their...
  9. MSKBeerfan

    Yeast dropped out overnight

    Checked the SG this morning and it's reading 1.032... the post boil SG reading was 1.062 and I had anticipated a beer of 7% or higher. I mashed at 152 for 60 minutes and the grain bill would had supported the 7% beer. Do I re-pitch another batch of yeast at this point? I guess I will check...
  10. MSKBeerfan

    Yeast dropped out overnight

    I brewed a 5 gallon batch (Stout) yesterday afternoon and used a package of Danstar Windsor Ale Yeast. I hydraded the yeast and did a starter at the beginning of the brew day and left it on the stir plate while brewing. cooled the wort, oxygenated the wort and pitched my yeast starter which...
  11. MSKBeerfan

    Spike Brewing 12.5 Gallon Conical Fermenter Giveaway!

    Winner winner chicken dinner... I want one!
  12. MSKBeerfan

    I can't Serve This...

    I purchased and brewed a Northern Brewer all grain kit, Kiwi Express and they descibe it as totally "Unique" I think it's totally Awful... I need to hid some of the "Unique" flavors that this beer has... Citrus is there but also a bit of a vegetable taste that leaves for a lasting unplesent...
  13. MSKBeerfan

    Filtering Beer that is already carbonated

    This may be an old post but I am finding it very interesting and helpful. I hope this did help the origional poster:) I am curious as to the Gelatin idea above. while I do have a plate filter I chose not to filter out my Chocolate Cherry Milk Stout. I put it in a secondary and then third...
  14. MSKBeerfan

    Hydrometer reading vs Refractometer

    Thank you... That would explain why my post fermentation readings seem off and while I seem to have good fermentation my OG / FG readings always make me question why I am only ending up with 5% beers... So, can you mix readings, use the Refractometer for the Mast & Wort to obtain the OG...
  15. MSKBeerfan

    Kal Clone Porn

    You will absoutly love that set up... I know I do mine... the only thing that would make it better is a floor drain in the basement. Kal Rocks!