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    Do scallops taste fishy?

    serve 'em raw. If you cook a scallop you ruin it. Matt
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    What do you do for a living?

    Avionics Chief in the Navy-I do paperwork and paperwork about the paperwork I did before and go to meetings about the paperwork I may or may not be doing next week.
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    Beer Tattoos

    One of my Dad's friends has BEER written across his huge beer gut.
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    Green Tea Weizen

    I have added loose japanese green tea powder while chilling my wort as the temp gets drops below 180. Worked great, with subtle flavors.
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    Scuba tanks as oxygen source for wort

    I use ds4 and diverites. Easy to rebuild/get parts for.
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    Black Chocolate Stout - Heaven in a glass

    ahs has a clone as well.
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    How old is too old; your age?

    29 and two back, one hand and two elbow surgeries already....i'm gonna be super grumpy when I get old! Plus I have some sweet scars!
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    To Rack or Not To Rack?

    hope you used a blow off tube or you may come back to a nice mess for your significant other to bitch about!
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    Scuba tanks as oxygen source for wort

    I use a scuba tank with o2. If you have an IP gauge you can adjust the lp pressure down to pretty much whatever you want. You can pick up a gauge at for 30 bucks or so and rig a stone to it. Not the most economical way to go....but I already had about 15 tanks and countless 1st...
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    Dogfish Head 90 or 120 min clone?

    ahs has a double IPA that is pretty tasty and has a similar rich/mouth feel to the 90min IPA. Slightly diffrent taste though.
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    Durnk on hombrew

    "Drunk on Homebrew" "Homebrew, it makes ya drunk!" some of the best quotes ever! Lets make bumperstickers!
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    is it ruined

    I did an extract lager that never started! Last Fri (5Dec) I brewed and left early in the morning on saturday. When I came home this morning I still had my original gravity reading and no sign of fermintation. It was at 41 degrees the entire time. Is it too late to try some new yeast? Matt
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    AHBS Double IPA

    Tasty! Similar mouth feel as DFH 90min IPA with a bit more hops. Forgot to put a blowoff tube in my carboy and made a huge mess in my fermintor.
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    Kinda Cheesy but.....

    That looks like Kung Fu on NES, my first game outside of Mario Brothers. Hell ya
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    SWMBO - is Preggers!!!!

    Found out today my wife is at about 6 weeks! Crap! Twins! Crap! Just joking I can't wait but will have the big "V" scheduled shortly after birth. I will blame the twins factor on my new hobby I took up in the last year....homebrewing! New headline...Homebrewing Alcohol=Twins.... Matt