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    Stainless Tri Clover to CANNING jar lid for Conical yeast harvesting

    I did order 4. Very nicely done, order shipped same day. I have an order in for 2 more as of this morning. Thank you @Jaybird for the extra gasket. Nice addition. Will you be offering just the gasket on your website for people that want extras and replacements? M
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    I don't follow. I guess I don't need to know. M
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    Stainless Tri Clover to CANNING jar lid for Conical yeast harvesting

    YES! I need a couple of these in my brewery. Outstanding. Order placed. M
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    What's the boneyard? M
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    Budweiser is changing it's name

    Interesting thread. America you say? How were they able to do that I wonder. M
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    How many brews before your first really good one?

    First batch was outstanding! My HWMBO has not let me quit brewing since! M
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    2 quick questions on my Cascades

    I don't think you will need an in ground barrier. But I would move them right now if you need to and dig deep and keep the soil loose to give the rhizome plenty of reason to grow down and not out. Agreed 6-8' is best AND you want to make sure they have plenty of room to go up. 20' is crazy...
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    Norcal Brewing Solutions

    WOW...... Order on the way! I have a false bottom system in my kettle but if you will take care of a customer like this on recipes as well, I am in. Not many companies follow through like this! M
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    Cutting Down Batch Sizes? Easy..

    I hear ya Rob I can understand the experiment reason I guess because if you really like it you can expand on it later. My husband drinks all I brew as it is as fast as I can brew it. I would be brewing every day. M
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    Cutting Down Batch Sizes? Easy..

    Because, I really wanted to know.... So I asked. ;)
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    got my deal for the year

    I will give you $50! Nice score! M
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    Cutting Down Batch Sizes? Easy..

    One would ask WHY BOTHER? I mean really for the amount of work. I see people in my LHBS doing this and I often wonder why? Space limitations? After transfers and losses I would think that for 6 weeks of working on a beer to get just a few bombers seems like a waste of time. So I ask (being...
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    Nor Cal Brewing Is "NOW" selling GRAIN BY THE OUNCE ONLINE!

    Its about time! I bought a false bottom from you guys a long time ago and my hubby and I have really enjoyed brewing with it. I can now buy my batches from you guys as well. I like that I can put together a recipe and not have to buy in 1# lots. Great price on the Mangrove Yeast too. I have...
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    Brewing with cacao beans

    I use them in secondary and have had GREAT luck. M