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    Will 2 Sanke kegs fit in my Danby?

    I just recently started a kegerator build. Based on suggestions I found on the web, I bought a Danby DAR044A4BDD. My plan was that for a while, I would put 2 - 1/6 commercial sanke kegs into it. Down the road, I would start putting cornelius kegs into. From measurements that I have taken, I am...
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    New brewer, first time cider - Brewers Best

    I am just about to brew my first cider. I got the Brewers Best, Cider House Select Raspberry Lime kit. I have a couple of questions. 1. It says to only ferment it for 6 or 7 days. I do have a hydrometer and I can check the reading to see if fermentation is complete but everything I have read...
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    Please help. Think I might have ruined my very first batch of beer

    So today I started my first beer brewing experience. I was making a Belgian Blond Ale. Everything was going okay. Did the boil, put in my wort chiller, took it down to 65C, yes 65C not 65 or 70F then pitched my yeast. I immediately realized that the yeast needed to be added at 70F and not 70C...
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    Best Book for New Brewer

    I am very interested in getting into Home Brewing Beer. I have brewed both beer and wine at a U-Brew business, but have never done anything like this at home. Could you please suggest the best book(s) that I might get to help me get into the hobby. I'm looking for something that is geared...