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    Blonde Ale Miller Lite (Really Triple Hopped)

    YUM! Bottled this one a week ago. Already in the fridge as the carb level was right where I wanted it. Hopped exclusively with Cascade including dry hop. The only difference from the recipe was the exclusion of the amylase. I wasn't able to get my hands on it in time for secondary. SO got...
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    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    All you just in caser's got me nervous! So...just in case!
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    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    I signed up today! I'm in!
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    friends wedding beer

    THIS. A great idea that gives you a nice high grav beer to age and a small beer to drink day of. I like it!
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    Apartment brewing

    So I'm moving to a much smaller domicile. Its going to make brewing a little more difficulty but I plan on continuing to do it regularly. I haver a turkey fryer but since I an on the second floor Of an apartment complex using it is more or less prohibited. My biggest concern is the units stove...
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    I can't measure 5 gallons. Crazy?

    A pints a pound the world round! Easy peasy
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    NB India Dark Ale

    Just bottled NB india dark ale. I am really surprised how much the hop character has mellowed since racking into secondary. Seems like a good thing though. The malt character is nice and roasty. Expected a little more aromatics from the addition of the ahtanum for dry hopping, but perhaps it...
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    NB Patersbier...fantastic!

    I noticed that as well. However, it still tastes great!
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    NB Patersbier...fantastic!

    I have to agree. It's an incredibly tasty, easy brewing, quick turn around kinda beer. Drank a fair amount off it last night and I'm already thinking about brewing it again. Yum!
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    My Next Brew - Northern Brewer - Patersbier

    I bottled using an auto-siphon from the primary fermented. Went smoothly. Hopefully all carbed up and good to go in a week or so. I can't wait!
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    My Next Brew - Northern Brewer - Patersbier

    Exactly. I'm using my bottling bucket as my primary and don't have a second bucket. I do however have a clean carboy
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    My Next Brew - Northern Brewer - Patersbier

    Almost forgot to mention, it tasted awesome! :mug:
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    My Next Brew - Northern Brewer - Patersbier

    Got the patersbier in primary right now. Did a grav reading today. OG was 1.042, sitting at 1.010 two weeks in. I'm thinking about letting it ride another week and then going straight to bottle. One question, if I'm using my ale pail/bottling bucket as the primary, should I rack to a carboy and...
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    Anybody try those new Sam Adams yet?

    I've largely been of the opinion that SA isn't really isn't craft beer. And for the most part I still believe that. There are enough fantastic beers produced locally (WI) that I don't need to buy a beer shipped halfway across the country. HOWEVER, I recently purchased SA a Latitude 48...