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  1. mredge73

    Garage Brewery - Recovery from Tragedy

    Just saw this reply, hadn't been active on here in a long while. Current pandemonium has giving me a little extra time, I can post some pictures later but for the most part I am back in business. Brewed my first beer in a year this weekend, looking forward to tasting it in a few weeks.
  2. mredge73

    WTB: Texas/Louisiana - Unitanks

    Got busy and forgot about it. It is a 17 gallon tank set up for home brewing. Used it only a few times because I didn't have a good way to temperature control it.
  3. mredge73

    WTB: Texas/Louisiana - Unitanks

    I have a 14 gallon in one of my sheds in La Porte. Will check on it this evening and see what it looks like.
  4. mredge73

    spitting foam

    Frozen huh? Didn't even cross my mind, but would explain your problems. Try and set your kegerator to 38-42F; ice cold is only good for Coors Light.
  5. mredge73

    spitting foam

    That (video) shouldn't happen with a corny keg unless it is empty. Subscribed as I am curious about the outcome of this. I think your coupler o-rings or the keg itself may be defective. You are getting your gas mixed with your liquid, like if the plunger is only pushed half way down. Good luck.
  6. mredge73

    starting the boiling clock

    Extracts don't need to be boiled, why not just add them into the wirlpool at the end?
  7. mredge73

    Best size fermenters

    I use my old Mr Beer: You can also find 1.5-2 gallon glass tea pitchers at Walmart under $20 each. You could also find food safe 1.5 gallon buckets at most HBS and online retailers.
  8. mredge73

    RO Water Storage?

    I just store mine in standard 5 gallon water bottles you can find on every work-site in America. Don't know the shelf life, I have used them over 6 months old before without problems. High volume pressure tanks are expensive, I got my entire RO system for less than they want for a 14 gallon...
  9. mredge73

    Flaked Corn, Cream Ale Issue

    30 minute isn't all that long, most of mine take about that long to cool to pitch temp. I use pilsner as my base grain and do not get DMS flavors. Boil for 90min without a lid and cool in under 30min and you should be fine. The only other thing that I can think of is grain oxidation, being...
  10. mredge73

    Flaked Corn, Cream Ale Issue

    We need to look into what is common between the brews. Did the grains come from the same sack/store? Did the hops come from the same package? Equipment clean and well maintained? Could it be a water issue; not sure if we talked about water yet in this particular discussion. This is my best...
  11. mredge73

    How to increase abv in beer

    Most Hefe yeasts have are medium abv tolerant and have a ceiling of 10%. Imperial Hefes aren't really a very popular style, usually brewed in limited quantities rarely exceeding 7%. Maybe look into "Weizenbock" recipes but leave out most of the dark malts. Anyway, I would recommend you design...
  12. mredge73

    How to increase abv in beer

    Tell us about the beer you want to booze up. Like the others said, you need to increase the OG by using a ferment-able sugar of some sort. Simple sugars will booze it up and dry it out at the same time. If you choose instead to bump up the malt backbone, it may require a bump in hops to...
  13. mredge73

    Garage Brewery - Recovery from Tragedy

    Took a few months but I got it all fixed up. Added a door, changed the wall color, and painted the concrete. Just a matter of time before I am back to normal; pretty much everything that could go wrong went wrong, so it took a while.
  14. mredge73

    FTSs/airlock question

    Lots of people build double air locks with mason jars to keep this from happening. Some people use balloons. I pressure ferment, but use a water filter housing to protect against suck back and blow off.
  15. mredge73

    keg washing. why 2 valves on the coupler?

    You don't want to purge inverted in the cleaning position; C02 is heavier than O2. It may be useful on the gas line for keg purging but you don't need to hold pressure to purge, CO2 will sink and everything else will find its way out. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have one if you want to...