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    help me with Pros & cons...

    go all grain! i started with extract kits and such and eventually went to all grain, on the other hand my buddy started all grain from the get-go and the speed at which he caught on and all the info he learned in such a short time was astounding!!
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    Is there a use for these SS containers?

    BUMP!!! i just scored a 3gal one for free... trying to think of possible options... i was leaning more towards using it as a heat exchanger, chopping the bottom off for direct fire, or installing a heating element in the bottom..
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    what can i do with this?

    so my buddy dropped this off to me yesterday, asked if i could use it for brewing... i said heck yea, but now i am just trying to figure out what i can use it for. it is an AerVoid 3gal SS beverage dispenser. pretty sweet free score in my opinion! i was thinking along the lines of a heat...
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    Motorized Grain Mills: Time to show them off!

    Holy brew shed batman!!!
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    Successful Dry Hopping Techniques?

    ...i just threw 1oz of cascade pellets in the primary after an initial 10 day ferment, will rack to secondary early next week and add another 1oz cascade pellets for maybe another week. i might just slip the ol' bazooka tube over the cane when racking, hopefully that will eliminate any...
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    Successful Dry Hopping Techniques?

    +1 on HBT. this post makes this thread over 6 years old!!!! just sayin...
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    any ideas?

    so little keg on top? perfect! problem solved... :P those are the camlocks from ProFlowDynamics, i am a cheap a$$ so i ordered the poly ones. i am sure they wont hold up in the long run, but i couldnt resist the price. they work fantastic in my opinion, easy one handed disconnect.. and i will...
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    tobacco flavor in beer?

    couple years ago one of my buddies dropped an unlit cigarette from his mouth into my primary fermenter while peering in... about 5min after pitching the yeast... now THAT is alcohol abuse!
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    any ideas?

    i was worried about that as well, but i did a 90min boil in it on Monday and no condensation whatsoever. No shelves, going to have to build those.. i can live with that since the cabinet was free. i originally thought i would bolt the pots to the supports on the back wall, but decided against...
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    any ideas?

    inside it of course! The goal is 2 tier, im thinkin the BK will sit as it is, with the other two vessels raised. all 3 are 1/2 barrel kegs, the 1/6 keg is just there as a stand.. i guess to be more specific, i'm just trying to figure out the best way to mount the HLT and MLT. its still a...
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    any ideas?

    so this is my 'set up' so far, still have to mount the hlt and mlt. run plumbing and some electrical. any ideas on how i can improve?
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    What pump do I want?

    i got a heck of a deal on the march bc-3c-md from ebay, quiet and moves wort like a dream..
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    Should I consider a secondary?

    i would do 2 weeks, just to let any floaties settle and let clear the beer out. then you could pitch your next batch on the yeast cake from the primary as well
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    Gordon Strong's New Book

    extract brewing is like riding a moped, ...its fun until your friends catch you!