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    Alesmith IPA clone

    That's a fantastic-looking beer. I'm assuming you dry hopped in primary? I'm curious as I just brewed a very similar IPA with a re-pitch of San Diego Super Yeast and am not sure if I'm going to rack it to secondary for dry hopping or leave it in primary for the entirety of fermentation.
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    Do you brew in S or SW Minneapolis?

    I brew in SW Minneapolis! My roomies and I brew on a pretty basic system but we like what we got. Here's to shaking your propane tank around to keep it from freezing!
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    First All Grain finished WAY too low

    What was your water to grist ratio? I do a makeshift fly sparge without a mash out and am usually within 1-2 pts of my target gravity.
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    Witbier with Pilsner - vigorous boil or not?

    If you look back to the bottom of page one, 90 minutes is mentioned as the boil time Celis uses.