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  1. mr_leetzor

    Re-Using Yeast

    I haven't gone to the step of reusing yeast from the bottom of the fermentor. Whenever I make a new batch of beer I just take my starter and pour some of the suspended yeast back into a sanitized whitelabs vial(properly labeled of course!). I then reuse this vial for future batches. Last...
  2. mr_leetzor

    Old British Beers

    I managed to get a copy of a book called "Old British Beers and how to make them" shipped from the UK. It was written about 30 years ago before the US had its homebrewing movement, so some of the knowledge in this book is a bit dated. The book says that all the recipies should be made with...
  3. mr_leetzor

    Homebrew Scale

    +1 for the ultra ship. I have been using this one for over a year and it is a great scale. Does lbs, oz, grams, cleans up well too when you get that nasty extract powder all over the place. Sometimes you can even get it on sale like I did for $20!
  4. mr_leetzor

    Infection ?

    I mentioned in the first post that it tasted fine. But yes the angle is bad. The top had a thin film of white with white bubbles. Sort of like when you make hot chocolate or soup and do not stir the pot for a while, that layer forms on the top. Reminded me of that. It's kegged now, so I...
  5. mr_leetzor

    Infection ?

    Its been about two weeks in the secondary. Definitely done fermenting, but I have never seen anything like that in my beer. The one thing I did different this time was add isinglass about a week ago, then didn't have the keg space to take it out of the secondary. At any rate it is kegged...
  6. mr_leetzor

    Infection ?

    I checked my fridge this morning to see this in my beer Is that Lactobacillus ? I tasted a sample and couldn't find anything off in the flavor(it is an IPA). Going to keg it tonight and try to drink it rather quickly, IIRC it turns sour after some time from that type of infection.
  7. mr_leetzor

    Pumpkin beers to try

    Last night my friends and I did a taste test with three pumpkin beers. I live on the west coast and these can be purchased relatively easily at any BevMo. Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale Shipyard Pumpkin Head Ale Buffalo Bills Pumpkin Ale Buffalo Bills won as a favorite of everyone, here...