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  1. mr_goodwrench

    After nearly 6 years off I have one in the bucket!

    That is an awesome story. It has been nearly 3 years for me and I am getting the itch myself. That is actually what brought me back here -- I got away from reading about others brewing while I couldn't. I am planning on breaking my equipment out this weekend to appraise what I need to do to get...
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    Thoughts about Ikea furniture

    My daughter has had two beds from IKEA in the past couple of years. Not because of quality issues, but because of space issues. The house we rented when we moved down here had vaulted ceilings and we got her a loft bed that was fantastic. When we bought our current house, the ceilings are not...
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    Maximum Return on Investment- The Supermarket

    +1 to pretty much all of these. I am a big fan of buying a larger piece of meat and breaking it down. I try to buy whole chickens rather than chicken breast, then break it down to all the cuts we need (freeze what we aren't going to use right away.) I keep a gallon ziptop bag in the freezer...
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    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    Prepping brines for the chicken and pork chops I am smoking tomorrow. The chops for dinner tomorrow and the chicken for a recipe that the wife has planned for during the week.
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    Show off your non-hops garden

    Our first year garden has been a bit of a bust ~ we got a few tomatoes, green beans and cukes out of it and that's about it. However, our deck herb garden has been going like gangbusters. It is a sub-irrigated planter made from a large party tub and some drain tile. We have basil...
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    Favorite lyric from a song.

    One lyric that I have always gotten a kick out of is from the song Who The F--- Are Arctic Monkeys: And there's a couple of hundred Think they're Christopher Columbus But the settlers had already settled Yeah, long before ya The whole song is awesome considering how popular they...
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    Other than basic childproofing, we did virtually nothing extra with our daughter who is now 10. Granted, she just isn't the sort of kid who got into stuff, but we let her learn from her mistakes. One day, as a toddler, she decided to try the buttons on the AV equipment. She happened to push the...
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    Georgia roll call

    Hope all are safe from the storms. The severe cell passed us just to the north. No damage that I can discern.
  9. mr_goodwrench

    Georgia roll call

    Auburn/Dacula area here, NE corner of Gwinnett Co. I am on a hiatus from brewing at the moment but hopefully, I'll be able to get back to reestablishing my pipeline real soon.
  10. mr_goodwrench

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    The skin was definitely pretty rubbery when they came out so I popped them in the oven. SWMBO had a batch of fries going in there at 450 so about 10 minutes took care of the skin.
  11. mr_goodwrench

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    I did some chicken wings in the smoker Sunday:
  12. mr_goodwrench

    Atlanta / buckhead GA breweries

    Make sure you try some Monday Night Brewing beers when you are here. They are homebrewers recently turned pro and are making some great beer. Right now they have an IPA and a Scotch Ale on tap around the area.
  13. mr_goodwrench

    Any Kitchenaid stand mixer owners?

    We got our Heavy Duty as a wedding gift 14 years ago and it has seen plenty of use. In fact, today I used it to make English muffin dough and grind breakfast sausage. Tomorrow, it will be making dough for baguette and whatever else we decide to throw at it. My only complaint is that it is a 5...
  14. mr_goodwrench

    Home made vinegars?

    My malt vinegar, which is pretty much ready, was made with an unhopped beer I made from extra light DME. It fermented out to about 6% ABV and I infected it with a bit of mother that I saved from my cider vinegar. I am actually going to have it on my lunch of homemade fries in a few minutes...
  15. mr_goodwrench

    Idiot Abroad

    I have been listening to the Ricky Gervais Guide To... podcasts this past week. They are essentially the studio portions of An Idiot Abroad stretched out to hour long episodes. Karl kills me. Really looking forward to this upcoming seson!