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    Raspberry Sour Beer Experiment

    I had one from the original batch recently and it was great! I haven't brewed it again but the sourdough culture worked great, I haven't had many sour beers I liked as much as this one.
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    Brewing Cheap Beers

    Thanks ya'll I guess I'm right! :D lol... Seriously, to me being able to please everyone on a budget is hard, right now I have a 3.5% brown ale I'm really proud of, everyone likes it, serious beer drinkers as well as everyone else.
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    Brewing Cheap Beers

    I don't see why you would think cheap beer was hooch, all grain large batches are cheap and anything but hooch. I'm so tired of everyone getting all pissy over people brewing on a budget.
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    Who has found wild hops?

    I found some wild hops here on the side of the road near an old farmhouse.
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    What gives certain european beers this flavor/smell i will describe

    Saaz to me have a sweet honey like aroma, I bet they are what you are after. 9 replies in 10 looks, not bad!
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    What gives certain european beers this flavor/smell i will describe

    skunky beer probably saaz hops gone skunky
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    Austin Homebrew...Yeah buddy...

    I have had a couple of missing items on a couple of orders but I order a lot of stuff so no big deal. I'd probably miss more stuff myself.
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    Making invert sugar with Starsan?

    Star san has soap in it, instead use DAP or lemon juice.
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    Apfelwein Help

    D47 is my favorite juice yeast. No krausen, fill to 2 inches below airlock.
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    Preparing for my first all grain; barrage of questions within.

    I have heard a 90 minute boil is good for avoiding dms in lagers but keeping it simple and easy is more important.
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    Poll: Are you a musician?

    I play guitar, drums, bass, and keyboard. I've produced a house/drum and bass album of my own as well as recorded my own bands for fun. I had my own band where I played guitar and played drums for a few bands, blues, punk, and metal.
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    Designing Great Beers - not impressed

    I find it interesting that the first post mentions some of the contest winning beers were from 15 years ago when they make a point that the recipes are current winners. confused? I love technical stuff and I flip through this book all the time. It is neat for the intermediate brewer to go...
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    Bulk Grain Price

    lol... most businesses are that way it seems. The way to make big $$$ is to get in a high paying profession where people have no choice but to see you! I make better money now as a day laborer than I did most of the time owning a jewelry store. Plus now I have money for myself when before...
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    AHBS Econo Brew Pot Failure

    I'm glad to help!
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    Bulk Grain Price

    Last time I checked hops were 4$ an oz too... Stuff is expensive here, I remember 10 years ago when I moved here the McDonalds and Wendys $1 menu was $1.39! I wonder if there is any money to be made selling homebrew supplies, I'm considering opening a store if it is worth a shot.