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    Microscope Cell Count Viability?

    So I'm finally getting the last couple things to use the microscope I've had for years intending to do yeast counts. I've got the methylene blue to stain cells. What I don't understand is, all the instructions I read say to count ALL cells, then go back and count living cells so that you can...
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    Running Two Taps off 1 Keg?

    I can think of a bunch of reasons to have as many faucets as you want...
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    Keeping 20 gallons RO Water in Open Container?

    I use a 30 gal, blue, food grade barrel. Been using it for years. Every time I open it, it's perfectly clean in there. I'd like to seal it up better, but there's a small opening where a dip tube goes to the bottom so there's a small opening for things to settle in there. It's stored inside with...
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    Double Airlock

    Ya, sorry that original pic isn't working. The pic in #16 is a good representation! Nice work!!
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    Choosing A Conical Fermenter

    I have the 7 gal Brewbucket to use as a yeast starter for 20 gal batches. It's a great fermenter and I'm sure the conicals are just as nice.
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    Blichmann Liquid Flow Meter

    I know I'm raising a zombie here, but I've come across this post over and over the last few years looking for a flow meter similar to Blichmann's. Figured I'd add that it's now available as a stand-alone part...
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    Hot plate rewiring question

    I'm no electrician, so I'm guessing here, but it looks like two identical wires that go into the hot plate. Guessing that it doesn't matter what orientation they get hooked up. I'd take the brown and blue off the power supply and hook them up to those white wires. It doesn't seem that they go...
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    Hot plate rewiring question

    You should reverse the wires and make it a cold plate
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    Minnesota 20 Gallon Brewery For Sale

    Sorry, copy/pasted it off my craigslist post.
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    Minnesota 20 Gallon Brewery For Sale

    I found myself with 30 gallon kettles, so it's time to sell my old brewery. This was my dream system that I bought when I worked at Midwest Supplies. These are the Commercial Quality Kettles that they have since discontinued. These are excellent, heavy duty kettles. This system has brewed many...
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    Better Bottle Carboy With Hole For Spigot - Oops!

    It does suck for gaskets, which is why I always buy extra gaskets when I get a piece of equipment, but there's a huge gasket market out there of every size shape and material imaginable. They're out there.
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    Better Bottle Carboy With Hole For Spigot - Oops!

    There's a pipe you use to assemble/disassemble that spigot in there. Take the spigot out each batch and clean it. It's not very hard and then you know it's clean. It's great not having to siphon.
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    Upgrading my equipment help

    The CO2 can't go anywhere so it's not going to lose carbonation. I think most people complain about carbonation when bottling off the keg because a small amount of CO2 does come out of solution as you bottle.
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    New System on $2k budget

    One thing I've learned do a large upgrade like this, plan everything, get your price estimate, then double it. Especially since you clearly want a quality system. It's easy to keep adding this and that.