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    Sold 40 Gal Groen Steam Kettle - $150

    Groen 40 gallon Steam Jacketed Kettle - $150 obo Re-posting with a reduced price... I picked this up before I moved to Arizona, and my new brewery configuration doesn't quite have the space for this monster. I silver soldered 1.5 TC ferrule on the bottom (butt joint, but appears strong and...
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    3 word story

    when they're dry
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    Arizona 40 Gallon Groen Kettle and 2 PID Controller Kit

    Groen 40 gallon Steam Jacketed Kettle - $250 I picked this up before I moved to Arizona, and my new brewery configuration doesn't quite have the space for this monster. I has a butt joint silver soldered 1.5 TC ferrule on the bottom. Local Pickup Only. SOLD 2 PID Controller = $225 plus actual...
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    Arizona Clearing No longer Used Equipment - Carboy's, Hot Rod, Spin Cycle, Speidel 60L

    Noticed that you had some interest on the NorCal items, but not for all the parts I can offer $50 for the Speidel without the NorCal bling (but with the original plastic cap and spout) for $50 and a local pickup...if you decide to split it up.
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    Got free bottles to give away? Post 'em here!

    5 Cases of de-labeled bottles.....includes 3 shipping boxes that each hold 12 bottles (brew of the month boxes that may be good for shipping to a competition?). Also have about a dozen large format bomber/belgian mix. In Arlington VA near East Falls Church Metro.
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    Virginia 15 gal Conical Fermentor & Stand -$150

    Selling my 15 gal conical and plywood doesn't fit in my ferm chamber very well, and I have decided to go another route for my setup...local pickup only (Arlington VA near EFC Metro)....$150 What it has: 1.5" TC adapter for the bottom drain 1.5" TC elbow and clamp Weldless...
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    Virginia 3 Tier with 4 Keggles (Arlington, VA)

    ------------SOLD---------------------- The keggles in this post are pretty "utilitarian" and have SS pipe instead of couplers. The stands are strait, sturdy, and in pretty good shape despite the surface rust in spots (something that a flapper wheel and rattle can of high temp paint can...
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    Just put together MonsterMill MM2 - having some issues. Anyone?

    I initially had a couple of problems with my MM2 caused by a very slight misalignment of the mill to the board that I had mounted it to. To keep the gap the same on both sides, each side of the adjustable roller was in a slightly different "clock position" on each eccentric. This ended up...
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    Virginia Hoffman 16x14x6

    Price drop and now willing to ship.....asking $50 + shipping. Shipping Info: Zip: 22205 Dimensions: 20x17x7 Weight: 22.2 lbs
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    Downdraft Fan

    Almost all of the vents I have seen on this site have been overhead. Thought I would share something different. My E-Herms is located about 4 feet from my garage door, and I have been ventilating by opening the door and using a fan to blow steam out. I still get some condensation buildup on...
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    Melted 40Amp FOTEK SSR

    I hadn't thought to check that......the SSRs are mounted with the heatsinks to the enclosure. I have a good ground at the chassis, and the mounting method is the same as it was previously. It was not loose when I took the old SSRs out.
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    Melted 40Amp FOTEK SSR

    - 5500w HLT - 4500w BK - 8ga to the CB - 10ga from the CB - 8 or 10ga to the elements(I was able to get a deal on 8ga) - 25amp CB - SSRs are wired between CB and Contactors - SSRs are mounted to external heat sinks with thermal grease - Heat sinks are warm, but not hot - The CB has...