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  1. morris1980

    star san foam

    i just used star san for the first time. the bottles are dry but there is still a little foam in some of the bottles. will it go away or do i have to get it out.
  2. morris1980

    they taste the same

    it is twangy the brews where all kits red ale, nut brown and american cream ale the first 2 i got the temp to 80 df and the third to about 70
  3. morris1980

    they taste the same

    i have brewed three batches of beer that were all different but they all had the same off flavor. Could this just be my water or is there something else that could cause this
  4. morris1980

    tru brew

    i have no clue
  5. morris1980

    tru brew

    The instructions for the tru brew kits dont say what temp to fermint at. is this temp important, if it is will it affect the taste. I have tried 2 different types red ale and nut brown ale and i didnt get a good flavor from the red ale. I just bottled the nut brown how long before they should be...
  6. morris1980


    can iput b-brite in a spray bottle to sanitize my buckets
  7. morris1980

    is it an illusion

    On Thursday i tasted my first homebrew and it was delicious. So i put some in the fridge. I tried one the next day and it wasnt so good. all the ones i have drank since then dont have the same flavor as the first. Does anyone have a clue why?
  8. morris1980

    beer in the bottle

    I put my first batch of beer in bottles yesterday and todat there is some white stuff collecting at the bottom. Is this normal?
  9. morris1980

    Think I ruined my beer

    I followed the instructions for my True Brew Red Ale Kit. After I poured it into the furmentor, the air lock started bubbling 10 hours after I put it in there. It almost stopped at about 18 hours after, so I pulled the lid off and there was no layer of foam on the beer. Did I ruin my beer by...