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    Cool Brewing Giveaway!

    Woohoo Free stuff!!
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    Crazy old coin.

    That's very cool. I would definitely have it appraised. I'd be concerned that it's a reproduction. Seems like something you could by at a gift shop somewhere.
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    Brew in a Coors Keg??

    Yes, you can use it. Doesn't matter if it's aluminum either (which I doubt it is). Aluminum is fine for brewing, I have an aluminum turkey fryer pot that I use on extract batches.
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    Sierra Nevada Cans

    I'm definitely shotgunning at least one this weekend. I've been wanting to do it since I saw they were coming out with cans. If I remember, I'll post pics.
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    Where is Peyton Manning Headed? poll

    I'm pretty sure he has a house in Miami which is probably why he was going there. I don't think it was a Dolphin's plane. I would like to see him go to KC or Washington.
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    Minimal Guerrilla Technology Thread

    Yeah, I just said to use the Wii because he already has one. The PS3 would be nice cause you could play BlueRay on it as well.
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    Minimal Guerrilla Technology Thread

    Oh, and if you don't want to pay for cable, get a set of rabbit ears to pick up local hd channels if you can get reception in your area. That'll take care of local sports, news etc.
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    Minimal Guerrilla Technology Thread

    Get Nice computer speakers. Cheaper tv, Use Wii for Netflix and Hulu. Nice laptop. That's what i would do. $250 is going to get you a really bad laptop, you can get something decent for $450-$500. A decent 1080P Tv is pretty cheap these days, use the Wii for internet content. It won't be in HD...
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    Hop Pellets Explosion

    My guess is that the hop pellets created nucleation points for the CO2 to come out of solution. Kinda like the Mentos in a coke bottle trick.
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    Debate forum?

    You have to have a Premium Membership to HBT.
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    People of Walmart

    Back in college a buddy and I had a website that made fun of the local townies in the small college town (Radford VA). Walmart was a goldmine for content. The site was actually getting a ton of traffic until the person hosting it had to shutdown for unrelated reasons. If only we could've kept it...
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    Three things to open beer

    An unopened beer can. Claw of hammer. Just about anything with a straight hard edge.
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    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    Replied to thread
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    Homebrew Nightmares

    Dreams are funny like that. I have nightmares about work on occasion, I'm not particularly stressed about work at the time, but I still have them. We put a lot of mental energy into something and I think that it manifests itself in our dreams. So the "topic" of the dream isn't always that...
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    Succesful use of PTO

    Use it to power your grain mill, or maybe a generator for an electric brew system. Run a pump for a wort chiller.