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  1. mmm beer

    Hello all

  2. mmm beer

    WoW!! The beers Gods must be on my side!

    If you want I can make your day even better. I will give you $65 for all of it and you have already made $15 profit. :o Good deal you got have fun with it, and make some quality bubbles because everyone love bubbles, you just have to get through all that liquid stuff to get to them.
  3. mmm beer

    Who's doing what over the Holidays

    I am having Christmas here for my family on the 25. Boxing day its to SWMBO parents for dinner. And the part I cant wait for on the 27th we are off to Quebec until the 1st for some snowboarding. Merry Christmas all, hope everyone is having fun through the holidays.:rockin:
  4. mmm beer

    Dealing with Telemarketers

    Just keep asking them to repeat themselves over and over,"pardon me,can you repeat that, I didnt quite hear you." Its to fun to hear them get more pissed at me than I am at them for disturbing me. And sometimes I dont even have to fake it , who woulld give a person a telemarketing job who speaks...
  5. mmm beer

    Still foam

    Sorry to ask questions on this thread but Im having kind of a simmilar problem. Its not as bad I can pour my stout into a pitcher but Im getting about half foam maybe even more. I have my reg at 5psi It has been like this for days. Im using a picnic tap with 1/4" line. Oh yeah its my first time...
  6. mmm beer

    Secret Beer Santa

    Since us Canadians cant join, are there any Canuks out there who would want to do an exchange. I use the pint sized Grolsh bottles for bottling and would like to do an exchange.
  7. mmm beer

    I didn't want to laugh, but almost pissed myself.

    Great now I have to watch c span just to wait for the prank calls.:rockin:
  8. mmm beer

    Wheat Beers

    Thats pretty close to the partial mash wheat beer I am drinking now. All fermented well and tastes great, it has one weird side effect though, if I drink to many I get light headed and giddy. Well I will have to see if my stout has that same effect.:tank:
  9. mmm beer

    What is your favorite intoxicant next to beer?

    Dry red wine or a good single malt scotch, but beer is the hands down favorite.:rockin:
  10. mmm beer

    check valves

    Am I supposed to use check valves. I just put my first two kegs into use. I turned the pressure up to 30psi and shook the hell out of them. After I was done I noticed beer in the airlines. It was moving the beer from the higher pressure to the lower as I was shaking them. The beers taste...
  11. mmm beer

    Made my first bad brew

    Well I was off deer hunting and had to leave my brew in the primary for 2 1/2 weeks. I went to put it to secondary today and I had beer vinegar. Well down the drain it went. What went wrong? I posted before I left and was told that it should be fine, it tasted good before I went. Any advise.:(
  12. mmm beer

    2 weeks in primary

    gracias guys. I am way to tired to siphon beer off. All I want to do is go to bed and dream of geting that big buck. Im off deer hunting and cant wait. See you all in a week I will be back online next Sunday with more stupid questions and hopefully a little venison in the freezer.:ban:
  13. mmm beer

    first time wine making

    You cant add sugar unless you first add sorbate. If you add sugar it will ferment, and you will end up with super alcohol wines. You used natural yeast so nobody can tell what the alcohol limits are to that yeast. Some yeasts die at different levels of alcohol. The conditioner is lactose an...
  14. mmm beer

    2 weeks in primary

    thanks Yuri I will just leave it.:mug:
  15. mmm beer

    Brewing makes me nauseous, sounds strange.... anyone else?

    I love the smell and I also always taste the wort. Its yummy and the garage smells great for a day or two.:rockin: