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    Any Kitchenaid stand mixer owners?

    It's the best mixer made. We've had ours for years and own a few attachments, my favorite being the meat grinder. I've used it to grind up venison for jerkey and it worked great. Only downside is it's large so you have to be able to store it.
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    How many carboys do you own?

    I own 3 but since I've got my kegerator I've only been using one at a time. If I brew something I need to age then the others will get used. Also if I plan any sort of party that might drain me ill be sure to brew a supply line so I can be back up and drinking after they are emptied.
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    Grocery store oranges and their wax...

    I've used oranges including the rinds on several occasions without an issue.
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    Smoked pumpkin porter

    I added 3 tsp of pie spice to mine bc my whole pumpkin didn't impart much flavor. I also added 1.5 tsp of cinnamon, 0.75 nutmeg, and 1 tsp of allspice. I turned out pretty good.
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    May well have spoiled my very first batch on bottling day..

    Tapwater won't hurt it. Neither will sanitizer.
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    Caribou Slobber FG???

    Just checked mine after 3 Weeks in primary. OG was 1.052, current FG is 1.020. Can't wait to taste it.
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    Oktoberfest Festivals 2011

    We have one here this weekend, i'm hoping to have time to check it out.
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    8$ wheat bush beer

    Yeah I was thinking that using a combination of honey and brown sugar might be better than cane sugar. Very interesting recipe. As some have said this would be liquid gold if we were ever to have nuclear fallout lol.
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    Undercarbed beers... anything I can do?

    You can uncap, add difference in sugar, recap and wait 2-3 Weeks.
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    Apricot IPA

    Yeah it's normal. The apricots will have yeasties all over them. Taste will be great tho. I just kegged an apricot ale, didn't use enough hops....again. Next apricot recipe will be an ipa one, this is the second one in a row I've brewed that turned out too sweet.
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    Who is smoking what on this Labor Day?

    I'm thinking of doing a pork shoulder, love that stuff.
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    New kegerator smells like I have a leak?

    Sorry to hear it was a leak. Remember in the future any time you break a connection it's a good idea to check for leaks again.
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    Did not do a starter on a O.G. 1.062

    I never make starters and have brewed in that range several times. I usually use dry yeasts, but I never have issues. Just be patient and give the yeast time to do their thing.
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    New kegerator smells like I have a leak?

    Get a spray bottle with soapy water and spray ALL connections and with for bubbles. If you find a leak make sure to keep going to make sure there's not multiple.