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    Munich/Vienna in an IPA?

    My opinion is that 11% Munich in an otherwise all 2-row will not give you much sweetness/malt flavor. It will be a subtle effect. If you want to get the 6 SRM without any residual malt, you can use an ounce or so of Roast Barley, and just 2 row and adjunct (e.g. wheat) to ensure you won't get...
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    Anyone grown up Renaud yeast from Mystic Brewery?

    This post is a little late for you, but I am 99% sure that Renaud uses the standard Dupont strain (WLP565) so there should not be a need to culture it up in the future. The brewers have even experimented with leaving batches in the sun for a day or two to simulate the slightly lightstruck flavor...
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    Which of these Stout and Porter yeast strains are similar as to their affect on taste

    Knowing the grain bill and hops for the porter would help because they can vary greatly between the English and American styles. I prefer the American-style porters, so I usually ferment with Chico (Wyeast 1056) and use Centennial or Columbus hops. For my tastes, that combination is great...
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    WLP648 Vrai

    We have found Citra, Galaxy, Rakau and Azacca to pair nicely with WLP648. I would imagine any New World varieties with tropical fruit notes would go well, as the strain has a very pineapple-y ester that synergizes nicely with those types of hops.
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    Wyeast 2487 Hella Bock. Lets petition Wyeast here on HBT to offer this full time.

    I didn't see anyone else post this, so I'll just throw it out there. Wyeast 2487-PC is purported to be the Ayinger yeast. This is available year-round from White Labs as WLP833, and is indeed a great yeast. Jaybird, this may not help your position as a vendor, but for most consumers the yeast is...
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    Inactive Starter with WLP655

    Fantastic. Glad to hear it is bubbling, you should be fine. And like I say, you'll still get a sour Belgian-like beer in the end, it just may take a little longer. Cheers.
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    Inactive Starter with WLP655

    What was the date on the vial? Subtract 4 months from that best-by date, and you have the manufacturing date, so you can estimate viability. Some notes for the future: that Belgian sour mix 1 is, in my opinion, a little more suited to the lambic and gueuze styles, as opposed to the Flanders...
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    Fixing diacetyl..

    It is indeed true that it can help, however. This technique is called kräusening and has been used for many years in professional breweries in Germany. However, casualbrewer, I think I commented on your first post. I think you said...
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    Wlp840 strong diacetyl

    I understand you don't have temp control yet, but 58 F is pretty high for most lager strains, and in particular this lager strain has an optimum fermentation temperature of 50-55 F (from White Labs website). I think a lower fermentation temperature will also reduce unwanted fermentation...
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    Diacetyl on purpose for my boho pilsner See page 5, style 3B, which is Bohemian Pils. Diacetyl may be present, but need not be. I would always aim for none. NHC had a presentation on category 3, and the guys who gave it were insistent that most indigenous Czech beers do have some...
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    Medford MA Water Report?

    I also live in Medford; are you sure those are the right numbers? Those look like the numbers that come from the raw water out of the Quabbin. We don't get it quite that soft; we get it after it travels from the Quabbin through the Carroll Treatment Plant, I believe, then it hits the Boston...
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    Wlp 545?

    This yeast is reportedly from Huyghe, which is the Delirium Tremens brewery. You should be able to find that beer in most places to see what the yeast character is like. I like this yeast because it's pretty spicy. I brewed a Christmas beer last year using this yeast fermented @ 67F with a...
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    Anyone else really dislike the flavor of wlp833?

    Another +1 to 833. This is generally my go-to yeast for malty lagers, and I actually find it one of the cleanest of the commercially available lager yeasts, even more so that W-34/70. I personally would suggest pitching the WLP833 into the doppelbock you're planning on doing. It really is an...
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    WL820 problems

    I have used this yeast many times and almost always have that same problem, which is why I've totally bailed on it. Last time I documented it here:
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    WLP648 Vrai

    I'm also subbing to this. Our homebrew club is doing a lot of brett experiments, and I personally brewed a brett saison with this strain and one with WLP650 where the brett was added to secondary after a primary with a Belgian strain. That beer is a couple of months old now. This week I am...