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    Rhizome pre order 15% off for HBT members! - Farmhouse

    Thanks! This will act as a kick in the pants to figure out my choices :D
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    Autosiphon broke - replacement?

    I broke my autosiphon just before racking my carboy into a keg this evening. I got by with using the racking cane section of the autosiphon with a carboy cap and blowing into the smaller part of the cap, which worked well enough and I'm sure a number of people rack regularly with this method. It...
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    Mash Tun: Braided Hose vs. Manifold

    True, but we were trying to do this as cheap as possible. I totally think that the manifold is likely to work better, but results with the ss braid worked. The hacksaw is worth it to me now, but for a 1off project while in school it was another cost addition.
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    Mash Tun: Braided Hose vs. Manifold

    I used a braided hose in the 52qt cooler a number of years ago. Worked fine. Decision was based on price as I would have need to buy a hacksaw. Not a whole lot of tools laying around the dorm.
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    2 beers/1 mash

    Partigyling an imperial stout recipe is rather easy. First batch is essentially a no-sparge batch. This leaves behind a good deal of leftover wort in the mash for the sparge to run into a second stout that will probably be sitting around 4.5% (unless it's a really big first running or you get...
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    Scratches in new Blichmann Conical

    That'd be super annoying, but the cleaning and sanitizer should clean them out just fine.
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    Keezer in the Garage-Do taps freeze?

    Keezer in an unheated garage is not something I would be willing to do if the temp gets below 25* routinely. The building itself can provide around 10* of heat, but in a cold winter your going to need a lot more.
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    My wicked retahded Chiller

    Did you try and make it look that convoluted?
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    delabeling bottles

    New Glarus (hooray WI) bottles are by far the easiest I've ever delabeled. Soak them in a weak concentration of soap and warm water and they just slide right off. The only thing that came off easier was day-old wheatpasted labels on homebrew.
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    Brew Bucket by SS Brewing Technologies

    Those look really nice. Well done!
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    What I did for beer today

    Yesterday I threw some Perlicks in a big ol' trash can Biermuncher style. Right now I need to make a yeast starter