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    12x12x6 BCS-460 Control panel is a tight fit

    I used female spade connectors on the AC adapter for the BCS. That would free up alot of space in your box. What kind of wireless router are you using? That is the only thing I haven't completed. Plugging the laptop in via cat 5 cable is annoying. Linc
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    Thermowell Question

    There shouldn't really be a temp difference, the thermowell will make the probe react slower to temp changes but it isn't a big difference Linc
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    Non-Rims/Herms E-Build?

    Since you can't put the heating element in the mash, you need to remove the wort from the mash to heat it and then put it back. Rims / herms or other will all have that same basic function. Linc
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    Heatstick power cord

    I've used quite a few of the hf cords in my system. The bright yellow 12 ga cord has a fairly thick cover and has worked great so far Linc
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    My electric system ver 6

    I use the bcs-460 to trigger the relays. Within the bcs system you can use external switches to make the unit behave differently. It makes for a really slick system. During the sparge, the float switch turns the sparge pump on and off so I only have to focus on the flow rate going into my...
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    My electric system ver 6

    I think I am getting closer to my ideal set-up. Brewed this past weekend and hit 84% with no issues at all. Hit the OG dead on. I was able to maintain my set point on my mash almost exactly the whole mash Green button on top advances BCS to next state. Red buttons on the sides interrupt...
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    temperature control for a heatstick

    If your planning to use the heatstick in the mash, you can't use temp control. You have to keep the heat stick in constant motion stirring the mash while watching the temp. If the heat stick stops moving, it will boil and burn out fairly quickly. I initially started my system with a heating...
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    Overcarbed! How do I lower the carb level?

    When this happens to me I just lower the regulator setting to 8 PSI or so and start drinking. The first 4 or 5 pints are foamy and it slowly goes away as I pour more pints. Linc
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    Rust in HLT just noticed, already brewing

    More than likely your element base is rusting. Not a big deal. You can seal with silicone if it bothers you. I've never noticed any off flavors from mine. Linc
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    New build... Confusing ssr issues

    my pumps will occasionally hum when the SSR is off. Must be from the same leakage issue. Is there anyway to stop this? Linc
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    Tips and Tricks for a tidy and safe control box?

    I used the female spades at one point on the power adapter for my BCS-460. I don't have any pictures of it though and I no longer use it the same way. I don't think I used any kind of special spades. Linc
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    Tips and Tricks for a tidy and safe control box?

    When powering a wall wort, female spade connectors work just fine if you get the filly shielded female spades. Slide right on with no exposed metal surfaces
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    RIMS heater boiling wort?

    As long as wort is moving at more than a trickle, it won't boil. I preheat to say 164, then adjust my set temp to 152, close the valve to stop flow and dough in. During this time the RIMS tube is still in the low 160's so it won't turn on. Once doughed in, I slowly open the valve. After 2 or...
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    Ew, look at my RIMS element

    I run PBW through mine for almost an hour just to get the PBW up to 170 which they say is the ideal cleaning temperature for that product. Linc
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    no airlock

    That's a good point. I will occasionally grab the flask by the neck so I hold the foil in place and give a good swirl whenever I happen to walk by. You want there to be air exchange to help the yeast go. Linc