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    Temperature changes bad?

    So why bleed CO2 off just to have to add it back in again? I know some will come out of solution at warmer temps, but when I cool it back down, it should go back into solution, returning me to the carb level I started with, right?
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    Temperature changes bad?

    My kegerator only fits 2 kegs, and sometimes I have a hard time being limited to finishing what's on tap before I can change out kegs. I'm not very interested in bottling the left-overs (and a bigger kegerator isn't an option.) So my question: If I keep a beer on tap for a while (cold) and...
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    Perlick 525SS Group Buy

    I'm interested, but don't have a paypal account and don't feel like dealing-- But....I would be very interested in a Austin Homebrew deal-- Just sounds easier. -Mike
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    Keg to growler?

    Ummmmmmm... Should I also be sanitizing my beer glasses before pouring? Just kidding- sorry to be a smart ass.
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    Good deal?

    Thanks- That's what I thought. It seems lilke a deal, seeing as what looks like the same thing is $160 at Northern Brewer. Or am I missing something?
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    Good deal?

    Wife got me a kegereator for my birthday. Wahoo. Got me back into brewing.Wahoo. Need to upgrade. Wahoo. I have a single tower kegerator, but I can fit 2 cornys in it, so I need to upgrade to a double tower. This looks like a screaming deal: Double Faucet Chrome 3" Draft Beer Tower...