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    Confused on what to buy...

    If I had to pick one item I would get the "Conical Fermenter - SS BrewTech 14 Gallon". I have been assembling my kit bit by bit for 4 years. The Conical was by far the biggest improvement in my process. Originally in a fridge and then upgraded to the FTSs2 and then added a glycol chiller. I...
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    ***NEW PRODUCT*** The Yeast Brink from Nor Cal Brewing Solutions

    I have been looking to dryhop without introducing unnecessary oxygen. Placed order, looking forward to trying. Tks.
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    Boil kettle condenser - no overhead ventilation needed

    That really is very cool. I have lockline on order and will try this out when it arrives
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    Boil kettle condenser - no overhead ventilation needed

    so now we have a TC port in the lid, can anyone see why we couldnt use this to mount a Whirlpool/return line to the BK? So flame out remove Steam Slayer and mount a return fitting. I would use this for re-circulation through the CFC to bk for a few minutes to sterilize.