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  1. milldoggy

    California Stainless CFC chiller

    I got the same one and would sell for the same if interested
  2. milldoggy

    thoughts of overnight mashing

    I do it every time now. I also do full volume mash, so there is not heating sparge in the am. Wake up, drain and boil. I only brew NE IPA now and they are better then my when I did herms. I like breaking it up. Allows me to spend more time dealing with life and still get to enjoy brewing...
  3. milldoggy

    INKBIRD 10th Anniversary Celebration for 30% or 50% Amazon page coupon!

    Darn, missed it, bring the sale back one more day! Need an IBT-4XC
  4. milldoggy

    Electric Brewery for sale

    Welcome to collegeville, I live here too and been running my Kal clone since 2011. Good luck with the sale.
  5. milldoggy

    Perlick 525SS tap

    In case it does not match, I got a few 525s laying around. Finally scored a bunch of 425s and upgraded
  6. milldoggy

    Wanted WTB: Used stainless immersion chiller

    I have a stainless CFC if interested
  7. milldoggy

    GIVEAWAY for Inkbird IHT-1P waterproof instant read thermometer (ended)

    My old thermo just broke, could use one
  8. milldoggy

    Random Picture Thread

    Southern cali, near Mexicali, makes tons of dates, just drive them across border for cheaper packaging. If you are ever near imperial,ca stop and get a date shake, best thing you ever had
  9. milldoggy

    Looking For An All Electric Brewing Setup

    Sure, should post them for sale, but covid got in the way. Send me an email, [email protected]
  10. milldoggy

    Looking For An All Electric Brewing Setup

    I have used a panel from theelectricbrewery for 9 years and love it. Paid for itself. I did eherms for 7 most of those years with keggles. last year I moved to 25 gallon Concord pots and do full volume overnight mashes and love it. I only use two pots now. I silver soldered all the fittings...
  11. milldoggy

    Stout Stainless Counterflow Chiller

    Not any more, the stout if the best of the bunch. A large enough shell and tube would be fine, this one was just too short. It for work though.
  12. milldoggy

    Chilling the lines and faucets

    Oh, been running my lines with same glycol and Cooler for 7 years. On my second 12$ eBay pump.
  13. milldoggy

    Chilling the lines and faucets

    Do you need glycol, no, but a direct contact chiller will ice around the coils. Also, you want something with a rust inhabitor. Do you need to chiller lower than 36? Maybe, depends on your insulation. Remember the line goes up and down so you need to find you temp to keep your beer at a...
  14. milldoggy

    Chilling the lines and faucets

    I have the system you are asking about. I use 17 ft of 3/16 bev seal the tubing I use 3/8 glycol lines Built my own lines, can provide details of you want. Glycol chilled via dehumidifier converted. I use a cheap 12/24 volt DC pond pump for gylcol. You have a lot of head, but after priming...
  15. milldoggy

    mesh size for hop stopper

    Believe mine was .01, which worked out to about 550 micron I think. Been a while since I did the math