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    Craft Beer MAW

    Wow, this thread is still kicking??? I might be able to get sip, but thats it from the list. Other half and finback ipa interest you?
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    Iso: Fig Jam Quad. Ft: other half and finback

    Longshot, i'm sure, but looking for Arbor Brewings seasonal Fig Jam Quad.
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    Trade Homebrew Pictures!

    Someone sent you radius?
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    Trade Homebrew Pictures!

    Well hot diggity damn. What started out as a #pickitupformebro, turned into a porch thumper. SkeezerPleezer was extremely generous to offer to pick me up three 4 packs of SMS. Then he sends this. Thank you, Heath, really looking forward to the homebrews and trying some CC.
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    Trade Homebrew Pictures!

    Glad you like it. You'll be getting some soon
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    Trade Homebrew Pictures!

    Trustee boxes are the best. Thanks Matt.
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    Trade Homebrew Pictures!

    Haven't seen any sms yet. I have a feeling not going to the brewery was a bad idea
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    Someone suggested it to me earlier in the thread, but if younwanna do a high gravity beer, you can cut your grain bill by about 5 pounds and add a 3 lb bag of DME. excellent solution to the 20 lb grain limitation
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    Imperial Stout Rapture Russian Imperial Stout

    Anybody know if rogue bottles with pacman?
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    Craft Beer MAW

    You got this bro. Knock it out the park.
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    Craft Beer MAW

    This thread sill kickin?
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    Step by Step build a 110v portable PID controller

    I think this is exactly what I want for my Grainfather setup. Thanks for the write up, op.
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    Basic sparge water heater

    Can't find anything like this so maybe its a dumb idea. Looking to go DIY, and the simplest, cheapest route. I know it can be done with an auber pid and ssr, but having been out of brewing for awhile, i'm noticing some different names of controllers and such in my reading. What I want is a...
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    Trade Homebrew Pictures!

    Guess who's drinking peach cobbler tonight?