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    The Brown Note Clone recipe

    Anyone seen anything online? I happened to get a can from someone and loved it. Looking to try and make a 5 gallon batch. Thanks
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    Wheat beer with variations

    Thank you! I will be getting a flask for yeast starter, so I could do the mini-boil with DME in that and add the orange and coriander. Not too concerned if it is more Ho than BM.
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    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    Nothing in fermentors until next week. Have a 6pk of Rum Runner stout aging, an almost empty keg of cream ale, a keg of Irish Red and a keg of Caribou Slobber with coffee addition. Will have a Vanilla Stout fermenting in my new FastFerment I got for Christmas for my first All-Grain batch.
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    Wheat beer with variations

    OK, so I have been looking to do an all grain wheat beer for the wife. I want to try several different flavorings in the secondary and make a 12 pack of each or so. My plans are to brew the 5 gallon batch and ferment for primary on my 6 gallon glass carboy. After 2 weeks or so, I will rack as...
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    Coores light clone

    I have the NB Cream Ale in the primary now. Heard great things about it and want an 'everyday' beer available. I actually took the recipe and bout the ingredients locally, but it really did not save me anything. Sent from my iPad using Home Brew