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    Using Fresh/Dry Leaf Hops

    I have a great opportunity to get my hands on about 1 lb of locally grown and harvested hops from a kickstartered hop farm in my area but I am curious on how to integrate it into my brewing. I'd love to try and only use the dry leaf hops but cant figure out how to scale the volume and weight...
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    Temp issues: Minifridge?

    Hello All! I have been having an ongoing issue with fermentation. I just cant seem to get a regulated place in my house: the basement in summer is to warm, and in winter its to volatile and I have ruined more gallons of beer than I care to think about. I dont really have the space for...
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    Save me from my fermentation issues

    So...I have been brewing for over a year now and for really the first time I am having a stretch of fermentation issues. During the summer the dark nook under my stairs is a perfect 68 degrees and we don't have any issues. Then this winter disaster struck! First, the room was to cold and...
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    Pressure Issue

    Hello Homebrew friends, My buddy and I recently came across a new and unanticipated issue; kegging our oatmeal stout we discovered a leak in the vent pin of our corny keg. This is the first time we have had this issue (this is the first time using this keg) and s a result we tried...
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    Funky OG

    So, I once again submit myself to the collective wisdom of the Beer Forum! You (the group) have been invaluable in troubleshooting a number of issues I have had around fermentation and carbonation, now I return to request your assistance in understanding why the OG on my final product differs...
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    Flat and sweet?

    Hi, thanks for the help! It was an all grain pale ale that we bottled. The first batch we wanted to submit for feedback and so after 4 weeks in the primary we bottled and it worked. But the rest we left in the secondary for three more weeks the bottled it. Those bottles sat for two weeks at...
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    Flat and sweet?

    Howdy my fellow beer aficionados, I was hoping to continue to reap the benefits of your collective wisdom! I recently had some unusual results from my second attempt at bottling and capping. We bottled a 6 pack of our beer early and that worked perfectly but after leaving the rest in the...
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    How long for fermentation

    THanks for the feedback about fermentation time. It was a new experience on the 5 gal system and I pitched in the yeast and while I was expecting the same vigorous bubbling that I had seen in previous smaller volume batches the one didnt seem to have the same...enthusiasm. That said, it...
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    To Much Yeast?

    Hello All, A friend of mine and I are going to be doing a small batch brew, between 1 and 2 gallons, and I am trying to determine how I can still use the liquid vials of Wyeast for this without over yeasting. The dry yeasts, while excellent, dont come in the same strains I am looking for...
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    Using Liquid Yeast

    Thanks! I'll shake it up, and open it slowly. I really appreciate the info.
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    How long for fermentation

    In a follow up to my previous post about yeast usage I also wanted to ask. As I am moving into 5 gallon brewing I am recognizing that this is fundamentally the same as smaller size brewing but in application the process works a bit differently. If I am brewing a pretty average American IPA as...
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    Using Liquid Yeast

    Hello All, I have what I imagine is a pretty naive question, but here goes. I am just upgrading from really small 1 and 2 gallon batches to a 5 gallon system. I have my mash tun and kettle and the whole 9 yards and ordered my new grain set and a liquid yeast for a 5 gallon brew. It...
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    Troubleshooting Grolsch Bottles

    Hello! I wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone else has had this problem. I am finding, across three brews now, that a pretty sizeable number of the grolsch bottles I am using end up yielding flat beer. I cant seem to pinpoint what it is that is causing it, but I can assume it...
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    In bottle fermentation issues

    Wow, this was a tremendous amount of information that has been collectively provided and I am very appreciative. I am going to take a lot of the good ideas here and integrate them into our brewing process. 1. I do not think I was keeping the brew in fermentation long enough, I had been doing...
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    In bottle fermentation issues

    Hello all, this is my first post so apologies if I am off format or anything. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and or a solution. I am trying to figure out why my bottling process always goes awry. I am using glass one pint grosch bottles and have tried bottling with both...