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    Bavarian Pretzel Recipe

    Not likely. You could try a pretzel shop or bakery, but I doubt they would sell you some lye if they even have it. Read my post #9 in this thread for an alternative that I won't condone. Otherwise, you're stuck with the far inferior Baking Soda.;)
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    Humidity is what you're primarily concerned with. Does your apartment get above 80°F? If so, the dreaded cigar beetles are a concern and something to maintain temp would be good. Why not just a plastic or styrofoam cooler to reduce the temperature fluctuations of the humidor? Refrigerators...
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    Guitars!!! Weahhhran

    Love the lap steel rig! I also have a Sigma Martin. Had it for over 20 years and it sounds great. Otherwise, I have a Les Paul Gold Top, Mexican Strat, Ibanez ArtStar from the early 90s (Gibson ES-335 knock-off) and a Fender P-Bass. But it's hard to talk guitars without talking about...
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    Water Questions (moved from the Sticky)

    The barley malt itself contributes calcium.
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    Diacetyl rest for my first Lager

    Diacetyl can develop after the diacetyl rest, too... from infection or from oxygenation at transfer (splashing).
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    Assistant Brewer

    Be VERY careful about asking questions about benefits/compensation/perks. Most of those questions should wait until a 2nd interview or job offer. For a first interview, you don't want to come across like, "what can you do for me?"... you want to show them what you can do for them.
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    When did turn signals become optional?

    She did get a ticket for "inattentive driving" though. So that made it all better. :rolleyes: Since this accident about 1.5 years ago, Delaware passed a law banning texting while driving and requiring hands-free phone use... yet everyday I still see plenty of drivers with a phone to their...
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    simple random sample (ATM deposit preference)

    So, how many teller jobs depend on this poll?
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    When did turn signals become optional?

    What's worse is when someone actually uses their turn signal and makes a left turn into oncoming traffic while texting, causing a head-on collision, totalling your vehicle, nearly leaving your 8 month pregnant wife husbandless/fatherless, and leaving you maimed for life. I would rather the...
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    It's my LHBS. It's owned by Doug Griffith, a super nice guy and avid homebrewer. You can see his picture in several books including Brewing Up a Business. He and Sam Calagione go way back. I've never brewed any kits from them, but since he and Sam are friends, I would think the DFH clones...
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    Decoction question

    Oh... DunkelWEIZEN. I thought you were brewing just a plain old Dunkel. I'm not that experienced with brewing with wheat, so I'm not sure about the protein rest. I think if it's malted wheat, you don't need the protein rest. Unmalted wheat, you do... or something like that.
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    Electronic Cigarettes

    Nicotine is not a carcinogen. There is some miniscule evidence that it may create a physiological environment that could be more conducive to producing cancer cells, but it is not a carcinogen by itself. Regarding the E-Cigs, one thing I've heard is that some (or many?) users experience a...
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    Decoction question

    You need to pull a portion of the mash (i.e., a thick portion... mostly grain), bring it to 158°F and hold for 10 min. Then bring it to boiling and boil it for at least 5 min. (for lighter colored beers, longer for darker). I'd recommend against doing a protein rest. With modern malts, it...
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    Bitte Ein Bit

    A decoction is none of the things mentioned so far in this thread. It is taking a portion of the mash ("thick" or mostly grain), raising it to ~158°F for about 10 minutes, then raising it to boiling and boiling it for at least 5 minutes for lighter colored beers, longer for darker colored...
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    Anybody have any REAL info about carapils?

    Sounds logical, but if that's true, I still don't understand why we (or at least I) don't see a correlation between higher percentages of Cara-pils in the grist and decreased wort fermentability.