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    Fruit Beer Requiem Raspberry

    anyone done any oak aging on this? wondering how to go about it. oak first then raspberries?
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    English Porter Brown Porter (AG) (UK/US)

    orfy care to share your tweks?
  3. MeanGreen

    Specialty Fruit Beer Smoked Cherry Porter

    Got the grains to brew a 3.5g batch of this for the end of January. Super pumped
  4. MeanGreen

    Strong Bitter Common Room ESB

    If you are going to push the timeline up like that then I wouldn't secondary it. Especially using 1968. Just raise the temp and let it clean it up in the primary. keg it and force carb it. I am at a month in the primary, kegged it yesterday and its just now starting to integrate.
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    Strong Bitter Common Room ESB

    I've got a batch fermenting as we speak with US Goldings and US fuggles
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    Texas 14.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer

    I just moved houses and am changing my keg setup due to space issues. That being said I am gong from a chest freezer to upright fridge. I am going to sell my chest freezer and wanted to offer it on here to a Home Brewer first before craiglist. I bought this in 2010 used and it been used...
  7. MeanGreen

    St. Arnold's Amber clone

    I had the same issues. I even asked the owner for the color of his Belgian malt. I've brewed this since and sometimes I throw a bit carafa 3 on top of mash. I think as a ordinary bitter it hits the mark. Which is really what it is
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    Can you Brew It recipe for Meantime Porter

    I'm not proficient at step mashing yet. what would be a good target for single infusion.
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    American Amber Ale Red Rye Ale

    Brewed this 6 weeks ago and just tapped wow! this is my 75th all grain and one of the best. Exactly what I am looking for, a Rye Pale Ale. Not an enamel stripping Rye IPA Had a b#tch of a time running this off, ran low on rice hulls. I used Denny's 1450 on this and man is it...
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    St. Arnold's Amber clone

    I have brewed this about 4 times and also spoke with Brock the owner of St. Arnold. They recipe is spot on from a grain stand point I've brewed it per his instructions with cascade at 45 and liberty at 15 and 5. Targeting about 24 ibus Also their yeast is proprietary but have had good luck...
  11. MeanGreen

    Honker's Ale clone

    The one above is seriously close. Although my initial impressions were the 1968 was the winner. Some age in the keg revealed the other closer. The crystal that the recipe calls for is too much with a low attenuating yeast. Any medium attenuating British yeast will get you there. I...
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    British Brown Ale Nut Brown AG

    I've had this recipe bookmarked for awhile Just got in some Texas Pecan Roasted Coffee. Might be a perfect base for a Coffee Brown Ale Thoughts
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    Bells Oberon Clone

    I am going to brew this exact recipe, however wondering about a few things. OG FG Eff Also German Munich or Domestic? Lovibond on them Based on your notes upping the c-40 to .75. Anything else you would do?