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    Berry Booch

    Your mother sounds like an awesome lady!
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    What kind of mead is that!?! Awesome/Terrifying?

    That action reminds me of my hibiscus mead, terribly interesting but scary! Mwaaahhhhhh!
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    What do you do for a living?

    We should all be so lucky!! :)
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    Did my first Canning tonight!

    What exactly did he can? I have never heard of anyone canning in an oven. Making applebutter yes but not canning.
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    Is it Mold?

    If they use the word "krausen" or "wort" in regards to mead making, they are more than likely beer makers. :)
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    Try a "water to wine" set up. I had a friend who worked at one in Austin and she saved me a bunch of 375s. In fact, I have cases of them. I like the smaller bottles rather than the large also.
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    Anyone have a few Puff Pastry recipes?

    I make pesto pinwheels out of puff pastry. Just thaw and spread with pesto (homemade or store bought). Roll, chill, slice and bake. Easy peasy!
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    New Guy

    Welcome to the site!
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    Hard Limeade, first attempt

    I would have put the zest in the freezer until needed. I always keep frozen orange zest in my freezer for cooking and such.
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    Prickly Pear Mead - Freeze or Boil?

    I read once that someone boiled the puree for an hour, so on my first try I did. It was rank! Boiled down like brown yuck. Tasted bitter so I threw it out and started over, doing it my way. No amount of aging was gonna make that crap taste good. Maybe I should have listed that on my list of...
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    Prickly Pear Mead - Freeze or Boil?

    You were very lucky!! I swear I will never go prickly pear pickin again! Stickers in the soles of our shoes and leather gloves. Had to throw out both of them in the trash. I simmered my pear juice for about 15 to 20 minutes. Kudos to the frame by frame show. I enjoyed it. By the way...
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    What mistakes have you made?

    Well, I guess I will be the first to admit that I have made mistakes. I think my worse mistake was not filling my carboy all the way up once. The mead oxidized and the colour went from a beautiful reddish purple to a light gold. Not that it wasn't beautiful in itself, it just wasn't what I...
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    Show us your Mead in a photo!!!

    Thanks Tom! Did you get to go?
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    Texas Mead Fest-- anyone going?

    Well, I didn't win anything but it was quite the learning experience. I tasted some really good meads and some really bad ones. I did get to taste a 3rd place mead and now can see what the judges are looking for, very mellow, almost too mellow, it almost tasted weak to me, but it wasn't too...
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    first time mead maker

    If the only reason you are bottling is to free up your demijon, I would say go for it. However, in my own personal experience, every mead that I didn't put into secondary but went straight into bottles, they ended up with lees at the bottom of the bottles. Now if it is just your best buds and...