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    Joe's quik grape pyment

    Is this recipe sweet or dryer? I love his JAOM!!!
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    Show us your Mead in a photo!!!

    Here is the picture sorry.
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    What's Your Favorite Drinking Glass?

    I love to use my New Glarus tasting glass for my mead.
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    Show us your Mead in a photo!!!

    I figured since I started this thread I better post again. Here is my Strawberry/Vanilla Mead.
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    What is a good wine kit to buy?

    I also made the cellar craft red mountain cab. It is a year old and is very good. Needs a bit more time in the botyle though. I also made the Cellar Craft Amarone. This wine is awesome. It is currently 18 months in the bottle. Five years and it will compare to a 50.00+ bottle retail. Cant go...
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    anyone juice ginger root to put in their mead?

    Has anyone juiced the ginger root and and it to there mead? Different results at all?
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    Skeeter Pee bottling

    What is the most popular way to bottle Skeeter Pee? Cork or Crown Cap?
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    Getting high abv

    Using 4 pounds of honey per gallon and lalvin 71-b yeast will get you a 15 % Mead if you ferment it dry.
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    Edworts Apfelwein to this....

    Will do.
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    Edworts Apfelwein to this....

    Looked at label when started and starting gravity was 1.140. It is currently at 1.090 after 10 days. It is fernenting around 66 degrees.
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    Edworts Apfelwein to this....

    Yes I fid add 1/2 gallon of sour cherry juice. Will double check gravity. Thanks for your response.
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    i made a mistake.

    Go ahead and add oxygen. That should restart it. Also add some yeast nutrient and yeast enegizer to help it.
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    Edworts Apfelwein to this....

    I was planning on making a three gallon batch of Edworts Apfelwein but ended up making this cyser instead at the last minute. 2 gallons Motts Apple Juice 1/2 gallon real sour cherry juice 9 pounds clover honey 2 packs champange yeast. Red star. Starting gravity was a whopping 1.70. It is...
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    Show us your Mead in a photo!!!

    Love all the replies folks. Keep them coming!!!
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    need a one gallon Cyser recipe.

    How much honey and what yeast should I use for a sweeter still Cyser? For 1 gallon