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    Kegging Setup Feedback

    I am starting to purchase equipment for kegging and have a question if this setup sounds good. It is pretty basic, but feedback is always helpful. I have a 12 cubic foot fridge which I plan to have space for three cornies. I want to always have two beers on tap and one keg carbonating in...
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    wine fridge for beer fridge?

    The similar threads feature at the bottom of this thread led me to other posts that answered some of my questions. I tried searching for it before I posted but couldnt find anything. Needless to say, I think i found some of the answers i was looking for in a few other threads. Thanks.
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    wine fridge for beer fridge?

    I asked the person for dimensions and he hasnt gotten back to me yet. Im more curious about temp controls and if it would be ok for serving beer from.
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    wine fridge for beer fridge?

    I found a used 36 bottle Danby wine fridge on kijiji. Anyone know if this could work as a possibility for storing some kegs? Im hoping to find a fridge that will hold two cornys. Any ideas? Im also curious on the temp controls on a wine fridge and if i would have to make any adjustments...
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    Witbier Blue Balls Belgian Wit (Blue Moon Clone)

    question: i only have access to sweet orange peel. This will be my first time brewing a belgian wit, any suggestion on how i might adjust accordingly? Or is it even that big of a difference in the first place? Thanks,
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    Ants a problem?

    any idea what i can do to get rid of them?
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    Ants a problem?

    i have a first year plant that has been eaten a little by canker worms. Now that the canker worms are going away, i see red ants on the vine. Is that a problem? I heard that they are not necessarily that bad for a garden. Is this true? Any advice would be much appreciated. thanks
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    question about Joe's

    So I want to make Joes quick grape mead (recipe below). I want to make a 5 gallon batch. A few questions: 1) Do i need to make a yeast starter, or can i just rehydrate and pitch 2) How much extra sorbate and campden do i need to add to make up for the extra must? Recipe Type: All Grain...
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    Joe's Quick Grape Mead

    when people make a 5 gallon batch out of this, do they multiply all the ingredients by 5? Im specifically wondering about the sorbate and the campden.
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    recipe calculation

    Thanks, ill try that. Just out of curiosity and for future reference. If I was going to add more grain to the bill, would i just want to add more to the base malt, or would i have to add all the grains just at the ratio in the recipe?
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    recipe calculation

    Im wanting to do this recipe that i found here, but its rated at an efficiency of 78% and i have only gotten between 60-70%. Its a belgian strong ale so I want to make sure i hit my original gravity. I read here that on strong ales its sometimes good to calculate your grain bill with a 10%...
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    Storing Grain

    I was reading up on storing grain here a few weeks ago. Today as I was going around to some bakeries to get their old flour and margarine buckets as dry containers for canoeing, I realized that those would also be good (and usually free:rockin:) containers for storing grain. So i picked up a...
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    Winnipeg, Canada Beer Clones

    Just out of curiosity, if there are people from Winnipeg, MB, Canada out there, or people who have had Fort Garry Dark Ale or Half Pints Stir Stick Stout (both great beers), im looking at trying to make a clone recipe of both of these. Any ideas?
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    Blonde Ale Centennial Blonde (Simple 4% All Grain, 5 & 10 Gall)

    I was thinking of a wyeast 1214: Belgian Ale
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    Substituting belgian 2 row with domestic

    I am looking to make this recipe from Brewsmith. But i want to use up some of my domesitic 2 row. Its rated at about 1.6-1.9. Any ideas how i might make up for this mistake by adding a little bit of extra grain elsewhere? Thanks, Belgian Dubbel For 5.5 Gallons Assuming 78% Efficiency...