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    Forgot to add the crystal 75.. options?

    Sorry guys!! Added the recipe.
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    Forgot to add the crystal 75.. options?

    I was thinking of buying a gowler and making a mini batch of beer then adding it at bottling.. any thoughts? 5 gallon batch of honey brown ale: 6lbs 2row 7oz chocolate malt 12oz honey malt 1lb honey 12oz brown malt 4oz carapils and.. forgot to add 1lb crystal 75.
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    Apples in secondary? and my grain bill

    First off im very open to suggestion. secondly this will be surprise for my girlfriend's bday, so any advice is extemely appreciated. This is the grain bill I decided on: 8lbs maris otter 1lb carapils .75lbs honey malt 1lb corn 1lb 10l crystal 1oz citra @ 15mins 1oz amarillo @15mins both hops...
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    Flaked Corn?

    How much flaked corn can be added to a 5gallon batch without tasting that corn flavour? I was thinking around 4oz? I am only looking for the sweetness and smoothness that is added by the corn. I do not want any corn flavour
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    RECIPE REQUEST: Floris Cactus clone

    It states online that its a wheat beer. My girlfriends bday is coming up soon and i want to surprise her with this beer. I cannot find a recipe anywhere. It states that it smells of tequila and lime. She raved about it when she visited belgian. Any help would be appreciated
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    tertiary required for fruit beer?

    Ok thank you! Ill go ahead and bottle it then :)
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    tertiary required for fruit beer?

    Im bottling the beer. Should i transfer the beer to a tertiary carboy to guarantee the sugars have fermented without getting any more raspberry flavour or can i just add priming sugar and bottle it?
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    Raspberry Beer Question

    I've just added 4lb of raspberries and 1oz of citra to my 5 gallon amarillo / citra ale. How long should I allow the berries and dry hop to sit in the secondary for?
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    New Brewer: Is my beer almost done?

    I used a hydrometer and the original grav was 1.062-1.064ish, the current grav is 1.020. I shoved those numbers into a ABV calculator online and it gave me the percentage. I will leave it there for a while longer then. I am just overly careful because I don't want to mess up my first batch...
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    New Brewer: Is my beer almost done?

    My beer is fermenting now, It has been 7 days since it began fermenting. It has been sitting for 7 days and when I checked yesterday the ABV was around 5.6 and it tasted great. Over the last 2 the yeast began accumulating at the bottom. Here is a picture: Beersmith said it should get to...
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    Most inexpensive vendor for Canadians? also need simple recipe.

    UPDATE: I brewed my first beer ago a week ago. Tastes great. I'll leave it in the primary for another 3 days. Its at something like 5.6 ABV(i forget the amount the calculator said) at the moment.. Still a ways to ago for the beersmiths approximate 6.8 that its supposed to have. Going to...
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    Connecting wort chiller to faucet??

    Yeah the water pressure in my house is good. I don't see there being an issue. UPDATE: Stopped by lowes to pick up the pieces. This is the result: Beats having to do this: (picture from my first batch that I made a week ago)
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    Connecting wort chiller to faucet??

    Thanks everyone! I'll head to lowes now and pick those up
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    Connecting wort chiller to faucet??

    I know this has probably been discussed previously but I haven't been able to find any sites that offer any way to connect a wort chiller to a faucet. I've found very good articles on connecting hoses to faucet and connect wort chillers to the tubing underneath the sink itself but none on...