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    Method for maxing out 15g boil keggle

    You can always just boil in two pots, the 2 gallons in a different pot.
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    Feedback on the SMASH I would like to try

    I believe it is your 147 value in mg/L which is most likely hardness expressed as carbonate. if you are only doing 4L batch and since this is an experiment either add some known amount of acid, or just use distilled water, which is free of ions. The reason most people add darker roasted...
  3. mbobhat

    Feedback on the SMASH I would like to try

    I think maybe with all Pils you may want to mash on low side, like maybe do a beta rest then bring it up to 150 to finish it off so that it isn't too sweet?
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    Killing "birds" off topic, automotive

    If you're so against wearing a seatbelt, I'm surprised you have a modern vehicle. I'm pretty sure the airbags work with the seatbelt, like you can get pretty jacked up if the airbag goes off when you aren't wearing one. But yea those things are annoying. I used to have a dryer that would...
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    The "I'm pretending to be a Mechanic" thread?

    Water pump can be not so bad, just find out where it is, if you can see it pretty easily it means not so much stuff to take off. Hell in my old ford truck all I had to do was remove the fan, (which involved getting some special wrenches that didn't fit originally). I actually recently got...
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    Water adjustment with salts and Hydrochloric acid

    Just FYI 10% HCL is still pretty hazardous, it is used in US as a toilet bowl cleaner. I would go even lower, your 10% is close to 3.5 M, I would go to maybe 0.5M which would be closer to 2%. That Makes it fairly safe to handle and should be plenty to adjust your ppm alkalinity of your water...
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    Magnesium Chloride

    So here is some data on Antimony: Your salts for topical use most likely aren't that much of an issue because skin is an effective barrier. Oral consumption may differ. Not to freak you out or anything. Like said before...
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    Voodoo Ranger IPA clone

    Did you give it a try? Looking to do a beer possibly this one.
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    Too small of pot?

    Not trying to be a naysayer, but with all that hot scalding water I just find it more safe to use a cooler. Transfer easier and batch sparge. Heavy grain dunking in hot water-just not all that safe IMHO. Brew on!:mug:
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    Boiling the mash

    So ok I'll bite, do you know how enzymes work or have at least a little bit of information on that? That is essentially mashing, getting enzymes to convert starches, so if you knew about that then you would understand why boiling ALL of the wort seems ridiculous to everyone here.
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    "Base" IPA recipe for your IPAs?

    85% Pale 2-row 10% Vienna or some other character malt like victory, aromatic, etc 5% Crystal whatever shade you want or just carapils
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    Russian Imperial Stout (RIS) Dry yeast

    I did a super high gravity one with S04, should've used S05 because it came out too sweet, the high starting gravity needed that extra attenuation to get it to drinkable range. It wasn't bad though! If you are below SG 1.09 or so, you can use S04. S05 is gonna be slightly lower attenuation...
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    First Brew Day

    You can use secondary to clear it up for a few days, but that should be at least 3 wks after you have it in primary. If you really want to, after it is completely fermented, rack to secondary, put it in a cooler place for a couple days, then bottle. Just to get rid of some of the hop gunk and...
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    Travelling to the US, opinions on best beers to try!

    Those are some really good beer areas! Being from Indiana and now living in Pacific Northwest, and also visited SoCal I would say Ballast Point or Stone in SoCal, there are others as well. For Indiana to Chicago you have Bell's Brewery, try to find Three Floyd's it is in Munster Indiana, near...
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    I think less of people supporting causes that affect them

    Ok so is batman selfish because his crimefighting was a result of something that affected him, or is he selfless because he wears a mask a doesn't take credit? To the OPs Christopher Reeve example, he's a public figure so he probably just thought he could get more support using his disability?