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    Grains of Paradise

    Frank: And the forum ate my post, yay. I find 1g per gallon works and steeped one week in secondary. Crack it, don't grind it, and don't boil it. I do not like the flavors that come out of GOP after more than a week of steeping. I have tried less and I have tried more, it depends on the...
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    Green Walnuts [Walnut Beer]

    Saison every time it was good. I had a friend convince me to try a standard ale yeast once, and it was horrible. The saison added an earthier character to it and helped blend the flavors together. Adding orahovac or nocino to it would make it a fortified beer. It would not taste the same...
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    has anyone ever made green walnut wine vin de noix?

    I know this is an old thread, but ... Vin de Noix: Place the following in each 1.5 liter jar: About 10 green walnuts each jar , quartered (warning; walnut skins stain everything they touch so you will want to wear gloves, and cut on a non-porous cutting surface). I use a plastic board and...
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    Green Walnuts [Walnut Beer]

    I have made this beer four times. Twice all-grain, twice as above. It has been fantastic three out of four times. I did it with a Saison yeast and did not try to keep it cool. It came out with a deep earthiness with an overtone of green walnut spiciness; it reminded me of orahovac more than...
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    Seattle brewers... Recommendations?

    Oh .. and .. don't fall for the current Copper River Salmon hype, it's just hype, there is plenty of good salmon that's not stupid expensive, stupid fat, and always overcooked and dried out (lazy chefs).
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    Seattle brewers... Recommendations?

    EMP rocks, but be prepared to spend 2 to 4 hours minimum. A lot of good places for brews in the area, and we have seen a large growth of beer houses that have a stupid number of taps. I have no idea how they manage to keep their lines clean. If you are looking for local brew houses, there...
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    Grows own Hops & Grains?

    Cool! Thanks guys. :) My biggest fear would be malting my own grains. I have not tried that, and it seems like quite the process. But I am putting the cart before the horse, have to see how current business unfolds first.
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    Grows own Hops & Grains?

    Thanks Jon. I wonder what others do it. I have a family situation that is in a state of transition that might open up the possibility of doing a brewery that is similar.
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    Grows own Hops & Grains?

    Are there any commercial breweries, other than the big ones - i.e., a micro/craft brew most likely - that grow their own grains/etc and hops? Or does everyone outsource to buy those from other people?
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    Who here is a sloppy home brewer?

    I spend far too much time figuring out the chemistry of brew - and food - calculating what can happen, what works, what does not. I generate stupidly complex recipes with long lists of notes. And then I get to brew day. I look at the recipe once. And start throwing stuff in without measuring...
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    Ethiopian Mead: Tej

    Thanks guys! I had tried to search for Tej on the forum, but was getting the result that "Tej" was too short to search for :(.
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    Ethiopian Mead: Tej

    I have a lot of Ethiopian clients. One of them recently found out I brew and brought some of his brew into the shop. It was definitely a mead. He called it Tej. He said he would teach me how to make it, but only if I try to make it without his help first (I think he wants to get a good...
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    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Ginger Ale

    How much ginger did you put in the secondary? Anymore than an ounce or two will donkey punch you in the mouth. Skip the secondary heat, and enjoy a solid ginger brew first.
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    I'm all in! Or do only premium members qualify? So lifetime supporters are disqualified?