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  3. MattMann

    Show Me Your Wood Brew Sculpture/Rig

    I was wondering if anyone has any ideas, on how to fireproof the burner chamber on the left. I want to go electric with it one day, but for now, it's going to be propane fired. So i need to line the chamber with something, and I am going through different ideas, and none that seem good. And...
  4. MattMann

    Show Me Your Wood Brew Sculpture/Rig

    I wanted it to be all in one, so the mill had to be there, with a place for a bucket. The right switch controls the mill. Which right now, is just a milwaulkee drill with the trigger pulled about 1/4 of the way. But it works great.
  5. MattMann

    Show Me Your Wood Brew Sculpture/Rig

    Well it's been about a year since I moved in with my in-laws, and the brewing has ceased to exist. Well I just couldn't take it anymore. Last week I brewed a extract batch, that's currently in the fermenter, I cleaned up and tweaked my kegerator, and then Thursday I realized I was missing...
  6. MattMann

    Tight Scew on regulator!!

    Sorry I have not been on here in a while, moving back in with the inlaws put a stop to my homebrewing. But I can't take it any more, so I started getting things back together, when I realized the screw on the regulator would not screw in and out. I bought it from Austin Homebrew about a year...
  7. MattMann

    Pipe Cleaning

    Once again, pipe cleaning brought up another picture in my head......
  8. MattMann

    Anyone have the Kitchenaid?

    I want some pics!!! Of the mill and the milled grain. Is that too much ask?
  9. MattMann

    Swmbo thinks this will be better.

    Well, over the last few months things have gotten worse. The money issue has gotten worse. I make decent money, and swmbo makes aight money, but things have been going down hill for a while now. We don't own luckily just rent and the landlord really likes us, that's why we get a steal on our...
  10. MattMann

    Boiling equipment for yeast starters question

    Well, the point is to boil the wort in the flask/beaker. That way you sanitize them both at the same time....Just my honest opinion.
  11. MattMann

    How I feel about the weather!!!

  12. MattMann

    I enjoy home brewing so much that......

    That's funny cause I do that a lot too. I know I have not got any of my friends brewing yet, but I have gotten a lot of them trying micros now.
  13. MattMann

    Hops bag options

    I couldn't tell you, I have not had to replace mine yet. 4 or 5 outta each so i dunno yet.
  14. MattMann

    OxyClean delableing solution got on the inside of one of my bottles!

    I use the generic "sun oxygen cleaner" from dollar general. Seems to work great for me. I soak everything in it, bottles, kegs, cat, spoons, etc. Even my aluminum hlt once. Wow did that thing oxidize fast. It took hours with a brillo pad, to make that thing shine again..................
  15. MattMann

    Hops bag options

    For cleaning the bags out, I might be crazy, but right after the brewing, i shake the majority of the hops out, and then I sit them somewhere to completely dry out over night. The next day, I just rub it together and the hops just crumble away. And then I just rinse sanitize and put in a...