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  1. Mattbastard

    Smokey Dry Stout?

    Bump for the weekday crowd
  2. Mattbastard

    Smokey Dry Stout?

    I put this on the NB forum because it's really buggin' me and I want to put out a couple feelers for more coverage. 6# Rahr 2-row 1# Flaked Barley .5# Chocolate malt .5# Roasted Barley .8oz NB 10.4% at 60 min 1pk rehydrated US-05 Pretty standard recipe, right? Well, it's been out of...
  3. Mattbastard

    Wyeast American Ale II and Northwest Ale

    I roundly agree with these sentiments. I've been using US-05 for years, but just made an Amber Ale with 1272 and love the results. It finishes really clean, and does leave a bit of sweetness in the background. I notice it first during a sip, then the hop characteristics come through. I...
  4. Mattbastard

    gotta rebottle; how much dry yeast to add?

    This is weird, but I have the same issue going on here. I was planning on rehydrating a pack of US-05 and sanitizing a medicine dropper to put like two or three drops in each bottle, then recap.
  5. Mattbastard

    Traveling for work, every week... what's a brewer to do?

    in 2008 I traveled 32 weeks, and in 09 I traveled 27 weeks. Most of my traveling was just like yours, out on Monday and back on Friday. I made the most of my weekends usually, and if my girlfriend had to work I usually made a beer. I guess that since my brewing started while my job had me out...
  6. Mattbastard

    Guess I need Perlicks...

    I really like my Perlicks. I went with the Creamer option. If there's not enough head, just lightly press the tap handle back for a second or two and there ya go. Great for proper presentation.
  7. Mattbastard

    mill grind/efficiency test

    My crush looks like the top pic all the time and I get 75%. I don't crush any further because my runoffs get really slow and often stuck, which I hate. I'll take a loss of a few % over constantly stuck sparges.
  8. Mattbastard

    rate my grind!

    I like my grain exactly like that. It makes for decent efficiency with no stuck sparges. I hate stuck sparges. If your grain bed is so compacted that it's hard to break it up between sparges, it's too fine a crush IMO.
  9. Mattbastard

    What's the gap in your barley crusher? Just got my mill

    When you guys measure your gap, are you just sliding the feeler gauge into the gap without the rollers spinning, or are you having to force them down? I noticed I can have a variance of over .01" between either sliding the feeler gauge down, to making them spin and barely getting the feeler...
  10. Mattbastard

    Vienna Lager very slow fermentation

    I made a lager once. It was an extract, 5 gallons, and I pitched ONE PROPAGATOR!! Needless to say, it eventually started fermenting about a week later, took about 2 weeks to finish up, and while it did make beer, it was by no means great. You'll make a drinkable beer, but I wouldn't go...
  11. Mattbastard

    Vienna Lager very slow fermentation

    You're gonna be able to butter your popcorn with it. :cross:
  12. Mattbastard

    Nottingham Yeast

    What's the note say?
  13. Mattbastard

    Vienna Lager very slow fermentation

    My LHBS said the same thing about yeast. Apparently the concept of pitching rates eludes some people. He almost fell over when I said I pitched two activators into 5 gal of Hefe.
  14. Mattbastard

    What Water Profile for a Hefeweizen

    I dont use any of those fancy-schmancy calculators, I made my own spread sheet based on the water profile chart in How to Brew. My water is hard, and I just cut it by 75% with Distilled water.