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  1. mandoman

    My handblown Glass for your equipment....

    where's smithville? I'm in abingdon, va and have tons of cornies and connectors and other misc draft stuff. If you're close I'm interested in tap handles and tasting (4 ozish) glassware. shoot me a pm
  2. mandoman

    25' Wort chiller and 10 gallon batches??

    you can counter-current stir-like-mad/reverse whirlpool to increase efficiency/decrease chill time - it helps a lot, especially in the summer. I used my 25' ic as a backup when my cc got clogged/wasn't clean/etc.
  3. mandoman

    natural gas ring burners -

    I thought I had a deal worked out but I'm not sure. If I don't hear back from them I'll let you know. I found the kegs used from another brewery - finding kegs is difficult and they're still expensive. Fermenters are 115 gallons and I'm brewing 40 gallon (1.1 bbl) batches. I can brew...
  4. mandoman

    off flavor - medicinal/band-aid - i know chlorine BUT help me solve the puzzle

    So i've over-anal-ized my sanitation procedures and started more intense therminator purging, packing it in pbw, and baking it between brews. I still get the band-aidy/medicinally/maybe even green appley/don't even know what the flavor is off-flavor. Sometimes it's so bad I have to toss the...
  5. mandoman

    natural gas ring burners -

    32 tip natural gas ring burners just like these: I have 3 of them I am going to return to the seller. these have been hard to get recently and I waited nearly 4 months for these. In the mean time I received some larger...
  6. mandoman

    What Temp Is Ice Water?

    32F, 0C - it takes the heat of fusion to make ice so the temperature doesn't change but more heat is released as it changes phase - make sense?
  7. mandoman

    What is the most economical ingredients?

    the most economical ingredient is yeast - it's the only one that increases as you use it. Pay for one batch, be careful, and have yeast for tons more if you brew enough.
  8. mandoman

    Go Ahead....make fun of my dream!

    we just started a nanobrewery. 1 bbl system, not a pub but a package (keg and growler) brewery. We haven't made our first sale yet but that is just a matter of weeks, certainly by the end of september. I don't mind telling you we've spend just under 25k and that is mostly equipment, kegs, and...
  9. mandoman

    All Grain Brewing Equipment

    the sad tale here is that homebrewing equipment doesn't have great resale value in the national market Even keggles that we have to obtain and construct just don't. Homebrewers are savvy folks looking for a deal. However, where we live (1234, i'm about 3 hours east of you in southwest VA)...
  10. mandoman

    Williams Brewing

    Just wanted to give some props to these guys. I ordered a self priming pump to move beer from my fermenter to kegs and to move cleaners around. THe pump arrived with a cracked (just slightly) plastic head cover. I tried to use it but it leaked a bit. I called Williams and they said no...
  11. mandoman

    how to add on brewery to existing restaurant

    just updating to see if anyone is still interested. We got our state brewery license this week, a huge milestone and we're almost a 'real' brewery (albeit the smallest in Virginia - our abc agent actually said he'd never seen anything like this before). Next up we need approval for our...
  12. mandoman

    Deschutes black butte porter clone

    The Brewing - Shows and Podcasts: The Jamil Show
  13. mandoman

    chilling 40 gallons with therminator and march pump

    well, squirrel is right. Chill still took about 45 minutes but temp to conical was 70 instead of waaay higher. Despite not so much a gain in time I got a huge gain in temperature. Now my guess is the 3/8 OD 1/4 ID IC was the limiting factor slowing things down a bit. I think I'm going to try...
  14. mandoman

    chilling 40 gallons with therminator and march pump

    Lil sparky. OK, I see what you're saying now. maybe it was the order in which I read your first post but I was missing the point. Therminator takes wort down a big notch more quickly than recirc and then immediately sends 'warm' wort to copper coil (old IC) in ice bath to take it from x to...
  15. mandoman

    chilling 40 gallons with therminator and march pump

    Thanks bobby and sleepy. sleepy, i thought about the ice machine option but we're on the frugal. Using the HLT is intriguing in a BRUTUS kind of way and gives me more to think about. Thanks for the props. Our website, like our brewery, is ghetto style but it's a start! bobby_M, I have...