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  1. malnutriton

    Nebraska Two tap jockey box with stainless steel coils

    I am selling my two tap jockey box with 70 foot stainless steel coils. Shipping would be at the buyers expense. Also willing to disassemble and sell just the hardware without the cooler for $215. Again shipping would be at the buyers expense. Please respond to my craigslist ad...
  2. malnutriton

    Nebraska Sankey and Hoff Stevens couplers

    3 Sankey and 4 Hoff Stevens couplers. $50 + shipping for all of them.
  3. malnutriton

    Nebraska Set of Co2 quick couplers

    Haven't had any response to my CL ad so I figure I'd see if anyone here is interested in these. Add $6 for shipping and Paypal fees.
  4. malnutriton

    Cheaper way to add a second co2 line to your regulator

    Just received these from CHI Company and found them to be a great economical way to add an extra co2 line to my regulator. Just FYI.
  5. malnutriton

    looking for plastic cooler valve, omaha nebraska

    What Kind of cooler is it? Coleman? Rubbermaid? Igloo?
  6. malnutriton

    WTS - 2.5 Gallon Corny, new seals on posts - $100+shipping

    Just a heads up: These new are $99 shipped from morebeer right now.