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    Glycol chiller/box ac unit

    Anyone know if this is wired incorrectly? Everything was working perfect until I set the unit down to low and the coil froze up. Ever since then the fan will kick on and the compressor just makes a humming noise and then stops, never fully turning on.
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    Session IPA help!

    I tried to get more out of him, but he wasn’t having it.
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    Session IPA help!

    They did, here’s what he sent me- First off, the malt bill is pretty interesting. You’re going to want to use around 50% Maris Otter (we use Crisp). We also use around 5% Rye and 12% Crisp Dextrin malt. All of these provide the solid malt backbone to support all of the hops. The remaining malt...
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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    Mash pH = 5.37-5.42 Final runnings pH = 5.60 Pre-boil Kettle pH = 5.40-5.45 Post Boil pH = 5.3-5.35 We're these readings all taken at room temp?
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    NE style juicy IPA concept

    Do you have a recipe for the beer pictured? That looks fantastic!
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    California Oxygenation kit, 1.5 oxygen bottles, IO Star San

    would you be able to ship to 92692 if I pay shipping?
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    Session IPA help!

    I haven't. I'll give that a shot, thanks!
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    Session IPA help!

    Hey all- I wanted to make a session IPA similar to "wolf pup session IPA". On their website it lists the grain and hops but obviously lot the schedule. I messed around with what they provided (- two hops. Mosaic & equinox) and put in into beersmith. Not sure if taking those two out will make a...
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    Ferment Chamber concept

    I know this is a super old thread...just wanted to see if you ever ended up building this? Is so how well did it hold ale temps for you? I'm thinking about building something very simaler to this
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    Side-by-Side Kegerator Ferm Chamber Build Pics

    Any updates on this? Also what did you do with all the wiring from the water dispenser/ice maker?
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    5500w Ripple Element Boiling Time, Seems To Be Taking Too Long

    So I got the 2 new contactors in today and switched them out. Started her up with about 7 gallons and turned the PID to 100%, went from low 70's to 150 in about 10 minutes!!! Thanks again for all they help! Cheers!
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    Blonde Ale Centennial Blonde (Simple 4% All Grain, 5 & 10 Gall)

    Not wanting to read 533 pages-- has anyone added some more hops to the original 5 gallon recipe and like the way it came out? Thanks, Zach
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    5500w Ripple Element Boiling Time, Seems To Be Taking Too Long

    Thanks everyone for all the help! After looking at the panel and checking the voltage I noticed one of the wires to the element was just resting against the housing box and it blew out both of the contactors. hopefully when we swap those out our heating times will be much faster. cheers!
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    5500w Ripple Element Boiling Time, Seems To Be Taking Too Long

    heres a link to the element-- I believe the 3rd wire is a ground. thank you for all the help everyone!